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  • CPAP helps you feel and look your best

    Sep 16 2013...
    People with sleep apnea often report that they feel like a new person when they begin using CPAP therapy. They sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. As a result their mood also improves. Now a new study shows that CPAP may help you look better too. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep quality may impact skin

    Jul 24 2013...
    The key to women looking younger might not be using a super expensive anti-aging cream, it may be just getting more shut eye. In a recent clinical trial, physician-scientists at University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center found that sleep quality impacts skin function and aging. The study, commissioned by Estée Lauder, demonstrated that poor sleepers had increased signs of skin aging and slower recovery from a variety of environmental stressors, such as disruption of the skin barrier or ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Poor sleepers also had worse assessment of their own skin and facial appearance.

    The research team, led by Primary Investigator Elma Baron, MD, presented their data this spring at the International Investigative Dermatology Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland in an abstract titled "Effects of Sleep Quality on Skin Aging and Function." READ MORE>>
  • The ugly truth about beauty sleep

    Nov 20 2012...
    We joke about needing our beauty sleep, but there may actually be something to that. Swedish researchers have found scientific evidence supporting the concept of beauty sleep. Sleep deprived people appear less healthy, less attractive and more tired compared with when they are well rested. READ MORE>>