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  • Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle: Book review

    Jan 23 2018...
    Sam thinks he is the ultimate sleep fighter, that is, until his buddy Snoozby teaches him about the value of a good night’s rest. Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle by Terry Cralle, RN and W. David Brown, PhD, is the first book in the Snoozby sleep series.

    The story is centered around 8-year-old Sam and his trusty friend, Snoozby the pillow. At bedtime Sam ignores Snoozby and stays awake much too late. He quickly learns that sleep deprivation is no fun at all. READ MORE>>
  • Goodnight Darth Vader: Book review

    Oct 06 2014...
    Darth Vader may be a Sith Lord and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet. But even he feels like a helpless battle droid when it’s time to put the kids to bed. Goodnight Darth Vader by Jeffrey Brown is a fanciful bedtime book that will delight young fans of the Star Wars saga. It imagines Vader as a yawning, exhausted dad. All he wants is for his children to understand “the power of sleep.” READ MORE>>
  • Dream Animals: Book review

    Feb 10 2014...
    How do children get to dreamland? It’s an intriguing question for curious little minds. Thankfully, Emily Winfield Martin has the answer in her debut picture book, Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey.

    In delicate rhyme she describes “animals from long ago and twice as far away.” These gentle creatures make their home in the stars until children close their eyes and “snuggle in” to bed. Then the animals drift down to earth and carry children to their dreams. READ MORE>>
  • Steam Train, Dream Train: Book review

    Dec 24 2013...
    Children have always loved trains. But bedtime? Not so much. Maybe that will change when you read Steam Train, Dream Train with your child. The picture book by Sherri Duskey Rinker tells the story of a mighty steam engine pulling into the station at night.

    At the station the train’s freight is loaded by a dreamlike animal crew. Juggling monkeys, bouncing rabbits, hopping kangaroos and giant dinosaurs quickly get to work. The book is skillfully illustrated in oil pastels by Tom Lichtenheld. His dark color palette provides a soothing atmosphere for the hustle and bustle of activity at the train station. READ MORE>>
  • Video preview: Free sleep apps for children

    Nov 22 2013...
    Children will have fun learning about sleep with two new apps from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Each app is available for free download on your iPad, Kindle Fire or Android tablet.

  • Fun, free apps help children learn about sleep

    Oct 14 2013...
    Help your child become a super sleeper using two free children’s apps from the AASM. Download the fun, interactive apps for your iPad, Kindle Fire or Android tablet.

    The AASM recommends sharing the apps with children during the daytime for educational enjoyment and interaction. Special features make learning fun for kids. Each app includes pop-up facts, a coloring book, puzzle, quiz and matching game. READ MORE>>
  • Children will love to see the sleeping animals: Book review

    Sep 27 2013...
    Children will be instantly drawn into I See the Animals Sleeping: A Bedtime Story. They will enjoy the pictures, storyline and writing pattern, while learning about the science of animals, their habitats and the importance of sleep. There is a smooth and rhythmic feel to the story that creates an enjoyable read. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep Like a Tiger: Book review

    Sep 20 2013...
    In her first children’s picture book, Sleep Like a Tiger, poet and author Mary Logue crafts a soothing bedtime story about “a little girl who didn’t want to go to sleep.” Logue’s story is as warm and comforting as a winter blanket. She alternates simple text with bursts of poetic imagery. READ MORE>>
  • Book Review: A Dream Box for child nightmares

    Apr 29 2013...
    A noted branding and creativity strategist, Robin Landa has written more than a dozen books about graphic design and advertising. Her latest work, the children’s picture book The Dream Box, ventures into new territory. The Kindle e-book focuses on Alex, a young bird with some crazy dreams. Ninja frogs. Triple-eyed toads. Giant pancakes. He’s practically scared out of his feathers. Alex decides he has only one way to fight back: He’s never going to sleep again. It’s a tough task for the bleary-eyed bird. He receives some trite advice from well-meaning family members. But Alex knows that it doesn’t help to think “nice things” and “happy thoughts.” He needs a real solution. That’s when he finds a curious little box on his bed. A note with the box helps Alex kick his uninvited guests out of his dreams. READ MORE>>
  • A Book of Sleep for children

    Dec 01 2012...
    Born in South Korea and educated in London, illustrator Il Sung Na makes his American debut with A Book of Sleep. READ MORE>>