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  • Time to end seasonal time changes

    Oct 29 2020...
    As most of the U.S. prepares to return to standard time by setting clocks back one hour on Nov. 1, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine is calling for an end to seasonal time changes in favor of year-round standard time. READ MORE>>
  • Spring forward, sleep less: Teens and daylight saving time

    Oct 05 2015...
    A new study shows that high school students lose sleep on school nights after the spring change to daylight saving time. The study involved 35 high school students. They had an average age of 16.5 years. Their nightly sleep was measured by wrist actigraphy. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep tips to prepare for daylight saving time

    Mar 03 2015...
    The spring forward to daylight saving time will happen at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 8. This annual event can be a shock to your body. Losing an hour of sleep during the time change can throw off your circadian rhythms. This can make it difficult to get enough sleep during the following workweek.

    With some advance preparation, you can minimize the effects of the daylight saving time change. Read on to learn the steps to prevent insomnia after the spring forward. READ MORE>>
  • Fall back to an earlier bedtime as daylight saving time ends

    Oct 31 2014...
    The end of daylight saving time on the first Sunday in November is the perfect time to make healthy sleep a priority. The time change arrives when it is already getting dark earlier in the evening. Setting the clock back an hour provides the ideal opportunity for sleep-deprived adults to adopt an earlier bedtime.

    Are you getting at least seven hours of nightly sleep? If not, then you can benefit from an earlier bedtime. Here are some tips to take advantage of the fall time change. READ MORE>>
  • Plan Ahead to Avoid Negative Effects of March 11 Change to Daylight Saving Time

    Feb 27 2012...
    Sleep experts advise you to plan ahead for the change to daylight saving time on Sunday, March 11, when most of the U.S. will “spring forward” by one hour at 2 a.m. READ MORE>>
  • Why Accidents Increase After Daylight Savings Switch

    Mar 15 2011...
    Was traffic noticeably slower on your morning commute these past couple of days? If so, blame daylight saving time. The “spring forward” is believed to cause a temporary spike in traffic incidents. READ MORE>>
  • Find Sleep as You Spring Forward for Daylight Savings

    Mar 10 2011...
    Many people greet the onset of daylight savings with mixed feelings. The unofficial end to winter is a welcome sight, but springing forward and losing an hour of sleep can be difficult. READ MORE>>