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  • Late bedtimes linked with childhood obesity

    Feb 05 2021...
    The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the daily routines of many children. When disrupted schedules lead to increasingly later bedtimes, it can affect their sleep and even their weight. READ MORE>>
  • Resolution 1103 supports the designation of National Student Sleep Health Week

    Sep 19 2020...
    On Sept. 11, 2020, Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California introduced House Resolution 1103 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the resolution designates the third week of September as National Student Sleep Health Week. READ MORE>>
  • Healthy sleep is vital to children’s well-being

    Sep 15 2020...
    It can be tough to make sure children get a good night’s sleep, but sufficient sleep can improve learning, health and mood. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy sleep is especially important for children and teens. READ MORE>>
  • Student Sleep Health Week: Setting students up for success

    Sep 04 2020...
    Healthy sleep helps children and teens learn in the classroom and excel in sports and extracurricular activities. To highlight the importance of healthy sleep for students, the AASM is holding the first-ever Student Sleep Health Week, slated for September 14-20, 2020. READ MORE>>
  • Teen marijuana use linked to adult insomnia

    Jul 06 2020...
    From cell phones and caffeine to school start times and homework, there are many things that keep teenagers from getting enough sleep at night. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep tips for new parents

    Aug 13 2019...
    As the summer winds down and people go back to work and school, many couples are preparing for a massive change in their lives – becoming parents. August and September usually see the most babies born in the United States compared with the rest of the year. READ MORE>>
  • 5 ways to help your child get better sleep

    Jun 17 2015...
    If parents around the world can agree on anything, it’s this — getting kids to sleep is hard. A new study involved 10,085 mothers from 14 different countries. It looked at the effects of what a regular bedtime routine would do for kids who were 5 years old or younger. The results were conclusive. Children with a consistent bedtime routine experienced reduced night awakenings, increased sleep duration, shorter time in bed before falling asleep and earlier bedtimes. These sleep patterns established early on are more likely to be carried through to adulthood. READ MORE>>
  • Pure caffeine powder can be deadly

    Apr 16 2015...
    A new health advisory warns consumers that powdered pure caffeine can be dangerous and deadly. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises the public to avoid pure caffeine powder.

    Caffeine powder is highly potent, and a safe serving size is extremely small. It is nearly impossible to measure caffeine powder accurately in the home. As a result the risk of an accidental, lethal overdose is high.

    Sleep is an all-natural performance enhancer that gives you an energy boost. It also improves your health and mood. Best of all – it’s free, and no prescription is required. You can’t find it online, but you can get it at home. Try some sleep tonight! READ MORE>>
  • Five sleep tips for parents of tired teens

    Aug 27 2014...
    The summertime sleep habits of most teens today would be enough to make Ben Franklin blow a proverbial fuse. A 3 a.m. to Noon sleep schedule isn’t likely to meet his standard of “early to bed, early to rise.” But it can be the norm for night-owl teens when they are free from a school schedule.

    As teens go back to school for the fall, Ben will get his revenge each morning when the alarm clock sounds. These early morning wake-up calls will leave most teens short on sleep during the school week. Here are five tips from the AASM to help parents promote healthy sleep in teens. READ MORE>>
  • Back to school sleep tips for kids

    Aug 11 2014...
    For kids, the long summer of sleeping in, staying up late and enjoying leisurely mornings is coming to a rapid close. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) offers tips to help parents adjust their children’s sleep schedules for both success in school and to promote a healthy lifestyle. READ MORE>>