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  • Stop the snore, save the romance

    Feb 10 2020...
    Roses, candy and a candlelit dinner are nice, romantic gestures that many of us partake in for Valentine's Day. In addition to these gifts, consider a lifestyle change that will benefit both you and your partner: gain control of your snoring. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep deprived men misjudge women’s interest

    Jun 18 2013...
    A new study suggests that one night of sleep deprivation leads to an increase in men’s perceptions of both women’s interest in and intent to have sex.

    “Our findings here are similar to those from studies using alcohol, which similarly inhibits the frontal lobe,” said co-principal investigator Jennifer Peszka, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Hendrix College in Conway, Ark., who led the study along with her colleague Jennifer Penner, PhD. READ MORE>>
  • Couples who sleep together have better health

    Feb 14 2013...
    In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look back at a University of Pittsburgh study from 2009, that found that couples who sleep together have better sleep quality and experience better health.

    “We discovered that these women had more restless sleep than the always married women,” said Wendy Troxel, PhD, the study’s lead author. “We speculate that these findings may reflect a ‘newlywed effect.’ These women may be less adjusted to sleeping with their partner than the ‘stably married’ women.” READ MORE>>
  • Top three reasons to make better sleep a priority in the New Year

    Dec 28 2012...
    One New Year’s resolution that everyone should keep this year is to make better sleep a priority in the year ahead.

    According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, most adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well rested during the day. Sleeping less than seven hours per night also increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. READ MORE>>
  • Ability to sleep while caring for infant predicts relationship satisfaction

    Jun 09 2010...
    A couple who can sleep while caring for an infant is a couple that’s more likely to last. READ MORE>>
  • Real wives of sleep apnea

    Aug 25 2009...
    It certainly doesn’t involve as much drama as being one of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But being a wife of a man with obstructive sleep apnea can be distressing. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep & Marriage

    Jun 14 2009...
    A study that was presented at SLEEP 2009 in Seattle, Wash., examined the effect of marriage on sleep. READ MORE>>