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  • To future roommate: Sorry for sleep talking

    Mar 24 2017...
    I enjoy talking – in the grocery store, on the internet, with my friends, and even when no one is listening. So when I first learned I was talking out-loud in my sleep, I wasn’t surprised at all. It was at summer camp, and I awoke one morning to my cabin-mates giggling at me. READ MORE>>
  • Comparing Child Parasomnias

    Nov 11 2012...
    Parasomnias are sleep disorders that involve undesirable events and experiences. These behaviors are common in children. For the most part, they are a normal part of childhood.

    Some of these disorders are similar to one another. They share some common features. The following chart will help you distinguish one parasomnia from another.

    Although they tend to be common and harmless, parasomnias can be a severe problem for some children. You should contact an AASM accredited sleep disorders center if a sleep problem greatly disturbs your child. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep Talking Man is the Talk of the Internet

    Jan 16 2010...
    Karen Slavick-Lennard said she was accustomed to hearing her husband Adam’s unusual comments. She even repeated them to friends for their amusement. Then she created a simple blog to share his latest quotes with others. Now the world has become his stage. READ MORE>>