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  • Acting out dreams linked to developing dementia

    Mar 22 2013...
    The strongest predictor of whether a man is developing dementia with Lewy bodies — the second most common form of dementia in the elderly — is whether he acts out his dreams while sleeping, Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered. Patients are five times more likely to have dementia with Lewy bodies if they experience a condition known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder, a parasomnia, than if they have one of the risk factors now used to make a diagnosis, such as fluctuating cognition or hallucinations, the study found.

    "While it is, of course, true that not everyone who has this sleep disorder develops dementia with Lewy bodies, as many as 75 to 80 percent of men with dementia with Lewy bodies in our Mayo database did experience REM sleep behavior disorder. So it is a very powerful marker for the disease," says lead investigator Melissa Murray, PhD, a neuroscientist at Mayo Clinic in Florida. READ MORE>>
  • Review: Sleepwalk With Me

    Aug 23 2012...
    Don't mistake "Sleepwalk With Me" as a story about a man coming to terms with the rare and intriguing REM sleep behavior disorder. Mike Birbiglia's semi-autobiographical new film is a highly personal and often understated account of a struggling comedian in a troubled relationship. The sleep disorder gets little screen time, but those moments are memorable and pivotal to the story. READ MORE>>
  • RBD patients waiting years before seeing a physician

    Apr 19 2012...
    People with REM sleep behavior disorder wait an average of nearly nine years before getting diagnosed, a new study reported. REM sleep behavior disorder occurs when a sleeping person acts out vivid dreams. These dreams are often filled with action, and may even be violent. READ MORE>>
  • Sleepwalk with Me: Comedian's sleep disorder experience comes to film

    Jan 27 2012...
    Mike Birbiglia’s sleep disorder has been the basis for a book and one-man show. Now the comedian’s REM sleep behavior disorder is featured in film. Sleepwalk with Me made its premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. READ MORE>>
  • Calling dream enactment behavior back to bed

    Dec 15 2011...
    REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is characterized by abnormal behaviors that cause injury or disrupt sleep. The most notorious is Dream Enactment Behavior. As the name suggests, Dream Enacted Behavior causes the sleeper to act out his or her dreams. READ MORE>>
  • Mike Birbiglia Sleeps with Downy in Macy’s Window

    Jan 27 2011...
    Comedian Mike Birbiglia is putting the freshness of Ultra Downy April Fresh to the test by living and sleeping for a week behind a Macy’s store window in New York City. Proctor & Gamble is using the event to pitch Downy as the latest sleep aid. READ MORE>>
  • New movie “In My Sleep” a sleepwalking murder mystery

    May 03 2010...
    It’s a classic setup that hails back to Alfred Hitchcock. A man waking up in bed, covered in blood next to a knife. He doesn’t know how he got there, or if he killed anyone. READ MORE>>
  • Treating REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: Best Practices

    Mar 17 2010...
    People with REM sleep behavior disorder act out vivid, action-packed dreams while remaining asleep. They may shout, punch, kick, run and even jump out a window. READ MORE>>