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  • Telemedicine is an effective option for sleep apnea care

    Mar 01 2016...
    Does your bed partner constantly nudge you at night to stop snoring? Have you ever wondered if you have sleep apnea, but taking a trip to the doctor is out of the way? Telemedicine is as effective for the treatment of sleep apnea as visiting your doctor’s office, a new study suggests.

    The study involved 60 patients from outpatient centers who were at least 30 miles from the main medical center. Patients were chosen at random for a telemedicine or in office treatment plan. READ MORE>>
  • Telemedicine: Tell your sleep doctor about AASM SleepTM

    Feb 17 2016...
    Help has arrived for anyone who is living with a chronic sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or insomnia. AASM SleepTM is a new telemedicine system that adds convenience to your sleep care.

    With a secure, web-based video platform, AASM SleepTM brings your sleep doctor to you. Say goodbye to long trips to the sleep center for routine follow-up appointments. Now you can meet with your sleep doctor from a distance. These live video visits will save you time and money. It’s health care without walls. READ MORE>>