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  • Is binge-watching keeping you up at night?

    Aug 28 2017...
    If I’m being honest, I’m totally guilty of staying up too late watching Netflix. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a show and convince myself that one more episode won’t hurt. But as it turns out, binge-watching can affect your sleep even after you power down your computer or television. READ MORE>>
  • Could Homer Simpson’s sleep apnea lead to his death?

    Jul 30 2014...
    Someone on The Simpsons will die in the season 26 premiere and it could be Homer Simpson, who has a newly-diagnosed sleep disorder. With a portly build and a large neck circumference, television’s most famous cartoon dad has long fit the profile of a person at-risk for sleep apnea.

    The teaser (see below) for the fateful episode shows Homer not only has sleep apnea, but an extremely severe case. Worse yet, he does not appear to be adherent to his CPAP treatment. It’s been well documented that untreated sleep apnea is associated with mortality, since the disease can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

  • Sleepless in Hollywood: Celebrities with sleep disorders

    Nov 16 2012...
    So, you have sleep problems. You’re not alone. About 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. Even many celebrities have had to face the reality of dealing with a sleep illness.

    Two of the biggest pop stars, and arguably the world's biggest movie star all openly speak of their insomnia. One famous television personality even struggles to get through production because of his narcolepsy. Hit the jump to find out what famous people have sleep disorders. READ MORE>>
  • Was Diane Sawyer drunk or sleep deprived during election?

    Nov 09 2012...
    The internet has been abuzz in speculation since Tuesday night, when ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer appeared to be intoxicated during the live broadcast of the 2012 presidential election. Sawyer's speech slurred, and she acted strangely as the election results came in.

    A spokesperson for Sawyer denies the rumors that she was drunk, blaming her behavior on a series of sleepless nights covering the hurricane and the election. The AASM investigated whether these claims could be true, by looking at the effects of sleep deprivation and how they can mimic intoxication. READ MORE>>