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  • Sleep loss contributed to plane crash that killed five

    Oct 22 2014...
    A new report suggests that drowsy flying can be as deadly as drowsy driving. The report describes a National Transportation Safety Board investigation of a February 2013 plane crash.

    The NTSB final report concludes that a sleepy pilot was flying the business plane. The resulting crash killed all five passengers. The NTSB concluded that “his fatigue due to acute sleep loss” contributed to the tragedy. Another factor was “his ineffective use of time between flights to obtain sleep.” READ MORE>>
  • Fatigue Formula May Prevent Future Air Traffic Tragedy

    Jan 20 2011...
    A group of sleep researchers at Washington State University say air disaster could have been easily prevented. The researchers estimate the controller was only operating at 71 percent effectiveness because he was fatigued and fighting his circadian rhythms. READ MORE>>