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  • Treating nightmare disorder in adults

    Jun 25 2018...
    While nightmares occur frequently in children, they can be a problem for adults too. It’s common to have nightmares every once in a while, but if you suffer from nightmare disorder, you may have repeated occurrences of nightmares that cause distress or impairment. READ MORE>>
  • Advances make CPAP quieter and more comfortable

    Jun 20 2013...
    As the frontline treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, continuous positive airway pressure therapy can be a life changer. Research shows that CPAP therapy can produce health benefits for your brain and heart. It also can improve your daytime alertness and energy.

    But it may take some time to get used to sleeping with CPAP. The good news is that CPAP therapy has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 1980s. READ MORE>>
  • Body clock can be modified to possibly treat sleep disorders

    Feb 08 2013...
    The cellular mechanism by which circadian rhythms – also known as the body clock – modify energy metabolism and the novel compounds that control this action have been identified by researchers at the University of California Irvine. The findings point to potential treatments for disorders triggered by circadian rhythm dysfunction, ranging from insomnia and obesity to diabetes and cancer.

    "Circadian rhythms of 24 hours govern fundamental physiological functions in almost all organisms," said Paolo Sassone-Corsi, the lead researcher and the Donald Bren Professor of Biological Chemistry. "The circadian clocks are intrinsic time-tracking systems in our bodies that anticipate environmental changes and adapt themselves to the appropriate time of day. Disruption of these rhythms can profoundly influence human health." READ MORE>>
  • FDA recommends lower dose for common sleeping pills that treat insomnia

    Jan 10 2013...
    Today the FDA issued a new safety announcement and consumer update about some common sleeping pills used to treat insomnia. The FDA is requiring drug makers to lower the recommended doses for products that contain the drug zolpidem.

    The FDA is concerned that the current dose recommendations may be too high. As a result, some people may still be drowsy the morning after taking a sleeping pill. This can be a health and safety risk, especially while driving. READ MORE>>
  • Ten Safety Tips for Taking Sleeping Pills for Insomnia

    Jan 10 2013...
    Follow these guidelines to make sure that you use sleeping pills safely and properly to treat insomnia:

    1. Never take a sleeping pill without first getting approval from your doctor.

    2. Make sure your doctor is aware of any other medications that you already take.
  • Demand for sleep illness treatment is growing

    Dec 19 2012...
    As more Americans come to grips with the serious nature of their sleep problems, the number of medical facilities treating sleep illness is on the rise. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine announced today that it has accredited its 2,500th sleep center, setting an all-time high.

    “In general, far too many people accept sleep deprivation and sleepiness as a way of life,” said AASM President Sam Fleishman, MD. “They see treatment of sleep illnesses as optional, like elective surgery. Our goal is to change attitudes and make medical treatment available.” READ MORE>>
  • Possible new treatment for sleep-related breathing problems

    Nov 27 2012...
    Researchers have identified a new brain mechanism responsible for the paralysis of critical breathing muscles during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, offering the possibility of a new treatment for sleep-related breathing disorders.

    “This newly identified process has fundamental implications for understanding the common and serious problems of snoring and other breathing problems such as obstructive sleep apnea, which are worse in REM sleep,” says Dr. Richard Horner, professor of medicine and physiology at the University of Toronto and researcher of the study. READ MORE>>
  • Cooling Cap Could Provide Insomnia Relief

    Jun 30 2011...
    There is no easy cure for insomnia. Sleeping pills appear to be a quick fix, but the potential for psychological attachment and rebound insomnia make medication for insomnia a solution for short-term problems only. READ MORE>>