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  • Tonsillectomies help breathing problems in children

    Jul 27 2011...
    When tonsillectomies were first performed, they were mainly done as a way to combat recurrent sore throats. Yet, after a study was done in 1980, showing that only children with severe sore throats benefitted from the procedure, it was not performed as widely. READ MORE>>
  • Say Farewell to Daytime Fatigue with Surgery for Sleep Apnea

    Jan 31 2011...
    Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea can greatly improve your quality of life, the Sleep Education Blog often reports. A new study from researchers at Henry Ford Hospital shows surgery, like CPAP, can make you feel less sleepy during the daytime. READ MORE>>
  • Does Bariatric Surgery Cure Sleep Apnea?

    Jul 19 2009...
    In February the Sleep Education Blog reported on the use of bariatric surgery to treat obstructive sleep apnea. A small study found that surgery did provide some benefits; but it wasn’t a cure for OSA. READ MORE>>