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  • Add sleep to your holiday wish list

    Dec 20 2012...
    Between all of the shopping, baking, decorating and other preparations at the holidays, many people may end up sacrificing sleep to get everything done. But the effects of sleep deprivation are greater than most people realize, warns Dr. Timothy I. Morgenthaler, of the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center and an officer of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

    “Not surprisingly traffic accidents are more common in those who are sleep deprived and even if you’re fortunate enough to avoid an accident, sleep deprivation – even over relatively short periods of time – leads to impairment of mood regulation, with an increased tendency toward negative feelings and decreased tendency toward positive feelings. All of these effects of sleep deprivation are likely to affect interactions with family and friends and impair one’s ability to cope with stresses over the holidays,” Morgenthaler said. READ MORE>>
  • Winter, sleep and your circadian rhythms

    Nov 13 2012...
    Unlike animals, humans do not need to hibernate during the winter. It may feel like you need more sleep during the winter months because the days get shorter. However, your actual sleep need does not increase.

    It is normal for sleep habits and activity cycles to change a bit as the seasons change. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to sleeping in the winter is ignoring your body's natural rhythms. READ MORE>>