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Sleep paralysis: The devil, the ghost & the Old Hag

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  • Parasomnias

By Thomas Heffron  |  Jul 28, 2009
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You’re waking up or falling asleep, and suddenly you’re unable to move. Your body becomes paralyzed as if an unseen weight is upon you.

You may be unable to move your arms or legs, body and head. You can breathe and think, but you may be unable to speak.

The paralysis may last for only seconds or a few minutes. Then it disappears and you are able to move again.

This describes a typical episode of sleep paralysis. It is a common sleep disorder that is classified as a “parasomnia.” Episodes can cause you to feel intense anxiety.

Sleep paralysis occurs when the line between sleep and wakefulness is blurred. Normally your brain paralyzes many of your muscles during the stage of rapid eye movement sleep – or REM sleep. This paralysis is called “atonia.”

You may experience sleep paralysis if atonia lingers as you wake up from REM sleep; it also may occur if you transition quickly from wakefulness into REM sleep.

Sleep paralysis may occur together with hallucinations. You may imagine that you see or hear something; you even may think that someone else or something is in the room with you.

Across cultures the strange sensation of sleep paralysis has evoked some vivid descriptions. In 1664 a Dutch physician published a case history of a woman with sleep paralysis. “'The devil lay upon her and held her down,” he wrote.

In Japan sleep paralysis is called “kanashibari.” The term is rooted in Buddhism; long ago it was believed that Buddhist monks could use magic to paralyze others.

In Newfoundland sleep paralysis has been called an attack of “Old Hag.” In China it has been labeled “ghost oppression.” A new study reports that in Mexico people may say that sleep paralysis feels like “a dead body climbed on top of me.”

Sleep deprivation may trigger an episode of sleep paralysis. Other related factors may include stress and sleep related leg cramps.

Sleep paralysis tends to be only a mild problem; there are no medical complications. But it also can be one symptom of narcolepsy.

Learn more about parasomnias.


  1. 1 Kenneth O. 17 Aug
    It's bee happening to me "since I know jack" often triggered when I sleep near someone I suspect, does not have a clean spirit, or strange environment. Just had one this night.
  2. 2 Malum Daemonium 16 Aug
    I have been experiencing certain phenomenon since early childhood. Now I will let you know that I had a rough childhood, and a natural reaction for a child's brain is to "block" negative memories that it doesn't want to deal with. I have had some memories become "unblocked" but the majority of my childhood is like a blank space when I try to think about it. However, I do have quite a few memories. My earliest memories date back to being six years old. I specifically remember terrifying nighttime experiences. It started as simple little kid nightmares, like giant spiders that were trying to eat me as I ran from them. But when I was seven I remember very distinctly how I would lay down blankets on the floor as a makeshift bed because we didn't have enough beds for all of us. I couldn't sleep without a stuffed animal. My biological mother thought is was just a child thing, being that I was seven years old. But I remember how as she would turn out the light she would shut the bedroom door because it then became "grown up conversation time" and it was the best way to keep myself and my sisters from hearing what they were saying. Some nights I would beg for her to leave the door open but she wouldn't. I would lay down, hold my animal close to me and deal with my situation the only way a seven year old knows how to. I remember how I would be so scared I couldn't move. I could see the outline of a figure standing in my closet, which had no door on it. The figure was just a black outline, but I could sense it being a dark presence. I knew that if I said something I would be told it was just a bad dream, so I would tough it out all night. I would just stare at the figure until I finally fell asleep. I would be fully awake for hours staring at it, feeling it there. Then when I finally fell asleep I would have what I considered to be "normal child nightmares". Eventually I made a habit out of waking up in the middle of the night, and before my eyes would adjust to the dark, before I could see the figure, I would grab my animal and sneak down the hall to my infant sister's room. I would play with her for a bit, then sneak back to my room. Fast forward to age nine. I had a reoccurring nightmare. I would get this nightmare several times a week, but never two nights in a row. It would not wake up until very far into the dream, and I would see very unusual things in the dream. It was all one dream, just shifting from scene to scene. None of the scenes matched up though. One scene was a couple of boys playing baseball in the parking lot to an apartment complex my aunt and uncle used to live at, one boy would throw the bat and it would land next to this orange tabby cat. They would run away from the cat because it was an evil cat. That part of the dream was very difficult for me because cats are my favorite animal, and so it was difficult for me to see any cat as evil. The next scene would take place in the attic of a house my aunt and uncle had been living in at that time. We would be upstairs getting haircuts and one of my aunt's roommates would come in and say they were here. She was referring to these blue skinned human figures that had a deep desire to kill us. This was right around the time the Avatar movie had come out, and I'm pretty sure that was what influenced the appearance of these beings. I had never seen the movie, but I had seen several trailers for the movie. We would lock ourselves in the attic, but the creatures would always scratch the door open with their talon-like fingernails. I would always wake up right before they killed us. I would then run downstairs as fast as possible and sit in the living room at the desk. Every time the computer screen went dark I would move the mouse so it stayed light in the room. I would sit there until my biological mother's boyfriend would come out of their room and send me back up to bed. My biological mother couldn't keep up with the bills on the house, so the bank decided to put a foreclosure on it. We moved in with my aunt and uncle. While living in that house I had certain places that gave me the creeps. Those places were the garage and basement. Unfortunately, we put the trash in the garage when it was full until trash day, when it would go out to the curb. So I made regular trips to the garage, where I would unlock it, open the door, throw the bag in and shut and lock it as fast as possible, then run back inside. I didn't know why it gave me bad vibes. The basement was the only place in the house that had bedrooms for us, so that really sucked. At night I would run down the stairs as fast as possible to get to a lit room. Going to bed was something I dreaded, because I had my younger sister in my room and couldn't leave the light on. When we first moved into the house my sister and I were sleeping in the upstairs room where my aunt and uncle kept their books. They called it their library, but it was in reality about the size of a small bedroom. I once had a dream and in that dream I saw these shapes that were different colors, and I heard this voice telling me to put a certain color in a certain box. I "woke up" and slowly walked downstairs. As I was crossing through the living room my aunt saw me. She asked what I was doing. I turned around and said in a trance-like voice what my mission was. I was heading to the basement to put the shape in the box. I can't remember what the shape was or what color it was, I was ten at the time. My aunt told me to go to bed, and I got angry and again stated my mission. She said I could do that in the morning, so I went back upstairs. When the morning came I went downstairs to get ready for school and she asked if I remembered coming downstairs the previous night. I had no memory of it. Then she mentioned the shape and box and I remembered exactly what she was talking about. I remember to this day the feeling I had when it happened. It was as though something was holding me under its influence. As though it had hypnotized me. I think it had something to do with why the basement gave me vibes, but I still have not experienced anything like it to this day. A few weeks later it was morning before school and my aunt had poured us all a glass of milk to drink before leaving. I went to drink mine, and I collapsed. I don't know exactly what happened, all I know is it felt like the ground beneath my feet had disappeared for two seconds. Again, a one-time experience. All throughout my childhood I remember things out of the corner of my eye moving. The cat running from one corner to the next, but when I looked she was in another room all the way across the house. Or I would be looking down at a book or something and see what appeared to be a person in front of me, only to look up and there be no one there. When I was twelve I had a few visions/nightmares about a certain male being. He had pale white skin, and his eyes had whites and pupils, but no colored portion. His hair was black, long, and messy. He wanted to kill me. I had two dreams about him while sleeping, and one vision while washing dishes after dinner about him. Two years later I had a friend who took interest in creepy pasta, and the moment she showed me a picture of Jeff the Killer I thought of the being. It looked quite similar to him, but without the cuts on the side of the mouth. Which was ironic to me because I had not even heard of creepy pasta, Jeff the Killer, or Slenderman until two years after my dreams/visions of him. Over the course of my middle school years I would find myself scared at night, not knowing why. I shared a bedroom with my two sisters, and in the bedroom we had a bunk bed set and a single bed. We switched who slept where often to keep things fair. It didn't matter what bed I slept on I had problems. On the bottom bunk I was scared of the bed itself. I hated laying there because I would feel a presence laying next to me, against the wall, staring at me. On the other two beds I was afraid of what was under me. If one of my stuffed animals fell on the floor, they had to tough it out on their own until morning. I had a feeling as if I got off my bed something would reach out and pull me to Hell. When I got to high school age things got worse. I started having problems during the daytime. I would be doing whatever I was doing and images would flash across my eyes. Disturbing images. A severed hand, a half rotted face, symbols I didn't recognize, nor do I remember. The visions would get worse at night. I would be laying down in bed, trying to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes I would see something. I still remember the first vision with her in it. I was trying to sleep, and every time I closed my eyes I would stare into the face of one of my siblings (at this time my aunt and uncle had custody of myself and my sisters, I began to call them my mom and dad, and their son my brother). I would see one of them and then this arm reaching out, like it was my own arm, but I knew it wasn't because it was a right arm, and I'm left-handed. The arm had a black sleeve, one of those that the wrist part was wide and draping, like an old Gothic dress. The hand was holding this blade, and it would swipe out and behead each of my siblings, one at a time, a different one every time I closed my eyes. After that I began seeing her during the day. I would be scared every time I went to open a door that she would be standing there. She had pale gray skin, and her hair was oily black and always looked wet and stringy. she had no eyes, just empty sockets. Her teeth always had black in them, and not being funny or anything, this is just the only thing I can think of to describe what it looked like, but it literally looked like she had just finished eating Oreo cookies. She had some black liquid running from her hairline down her face. Her dress was tight to her body, except the flowing sleeves and at the knees, where the skirt started to flow out. The closes example I can think of is Morticia Adams style dress. Her fingernails were long and black. She had this Darkness that seemed to seep from her body. I can't even describe what her voice sounded like. Nor can I tell you the amount of times I had witnessed her kill someone I loved, or myself, while fully conscious, and actively performing one of my day to day activities. Washing the dishes. Walking the dogs. Taking a jog. I gave no one around me any indication that I was seeing her. I remember very distinctly one night I was walking dogs before bed, age sixteen. My dog had stopped, so I did. He just stared at me, and I don't know why, but I looked down at my left hand. I still cannot figure out to this day what made me look down. But right as I looked down I saw her hand reach out and grab my wrist. I jerked my head up over my left shoulder and found myself staring straight into her eye sockets. Then I blinked and she was gone. My dogs and I walked a few yards down and I looked up. There she was standing by a tree on the next block, holding me by my face. Yes, I saw her holding me, as though I was not in my own body, but much rather my spirit was watching from a safer distance. I couldn't move, just watch, gripping my dogs leashes. I couldn't even move my head to look at my dogs. I watched at she held me in the air by my face in her left hand, and she reached up with her right hand and slit my throat. I watched her let go of me, letting my lifeless body fall to the ground. Then she looked at me, the real me, not the me she had just killed. She laughed and I heard her voice saying "Soon... Very soon..." and she disappeared into a cloud of Darkness. It wasn't until then that I could move again and think again. I looked down at my dogs, who had resumed their natural behavior. I realized in that moment that when she had grabbed my wrist and I stared straight into her face, as what I was seeing with my eyes was very real, I had not felt her. I did not feel her hand around my wrist. Nor did I have any mark on my skin indicating anyone had touched me. I knew that she was trying to play with my mind, to make me question my own sanity. I had seen since that night several instances of her killing me in the same matter. The people who I loved who I watched her kill happened the same way as the first vision though. I am glad to say that every person I have watched her kill is still alive to this day. And hopefully for a very long time. As I got older it got worse. Every time I had I demented vision or feeling she was involved. Some nights I would feel her presence in my bedroom, staring at me. Some nights I would hear her chuckling me, mocking my fear. A few months ago I had a particular roommate. She had gotten pneumonia and one night I was up, at the desk. I had the dim light on my desk on as I was helping a buddy with a homework assignment. I suddenly felt her in my room. I spun around in my chair, trying to detect her. I had had her enter my room several times at that point, and I would recite scripture from the New Testament of the Bible until she would leave. I would recite II Corinthians 10:5. On this particular night she had come to do more than just scare me though. I did not see her, but the area over my roommate's bed was just slightly darker, cloudier. And I recognized the feeling of her presence hovering over my roommate, who was asleep. I whispered "Go away." and turned back to my work, but she stayed. Then my roommate started to gasp, as though she was short on oxygen. I turned around again, and repeated myself. Once again, as soon as I turned back to my work, my roommate gasped for air. I knew at this point she was attempting to suffocate my roommate. It was an attempt to hurt me by physically hurting someone I knew. I spun around and began reciting the particular verse I mentioned. My roommate woke up and looked at me. She asked if I was okay and I said I was fine, I was just having a nightmare. She knew I didn't sleep well at night, and that I didn't usually go to bed until around three in the morning. Then I would get up again at about 5:50, clean the room, and get ready for class. But every time she had asked me about my sleep I would just tell her I got nightmares and so I had trouble sleeping. But that night was different. She could sense a different air about me. She had heard me reciting my scripture. I asked if she was okay and she said she was having a hard time breathing. She figured it was just her pneumonia. But after she laid back down I kept at my work. When I went to bed I took a few Bibles out of my drawer and set them on the nightstands in between our beds. I also slept with one under my pillow that night. I said a prayer, asking God to watch over us and to protect us, to keep her out of our room. After that I felt comforted and fell asleep. After that my roommate began to tell everyone that I was crazy and talked to things that didn't exist. I battled the rumors by saying I was very religious and didn't sleep well. I told them that she had woken up to me praying before I went to bed. I am glad to say she is no longer my roommate, in fact, I don't even live in that state anymore. I can no longer sleep without a light source in my room because of the fear. She comes these days when its dark and I'm alone. A few nights ago I woke up because of something I saw in my dream. I can't remember the dream. I remember that it was a good dream, but then this face popped into my view and it was all I could see. I woke up startled and shot straight up into a sitting position, breathing heavily. I don't tell anyone about the visions or nightmares. One night, however, after a church function I had gone to after work, (a little background, I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints during this particular event, I no longer follow that faith, I now identify as Christian Non-Denominational) I went with a friend from church back to his apartment. His roommate was in Cali at that time, so it was just us two in the apartment. He was showing me pictures of his mom, and telling me about how she had passed away. He told me about how sometimes he will be going about his day and he will see her. She won't talk, just look at him. I saw someone out of the corner of my eye in the doorway, and turned my head to look, but no one was there. After he finished talking I felt something take over my body, and I began to talk. I told him that she wants to see him, that she wants to speak to him, and when the Lord is pleased with him He allows her to appear to him, but not to speak to him. After I finished speaking I gasped, like one does when they have cold water splash on their head. During that moment I was overcome with this feeling that I needed to tell him about the lady that I had been seeing. So I told him. As I was telling him (we were in his bedroom, with the door to the kitchen open) the kitchen light went out. My head snapped in the direction of the doorway again, this time faster than the last. He said the kitchen was on a motion sensor, and to go on with the story. So I did. As I finished talking the light came back on in the kitchen. We went out to inspect. The sensor was by the front door, and he figured it was his diffuser. But I felt a presence. I couldn't tell whether it was good or evil though. He said it couldn't be evil because he blessed the room regularly. He pulled out a chair and offered to perform a Priestly Blessing on me. Something the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does is called the priesthood. At the age of twelve a male is considered worthy to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. He can then perform baptisms, but not blessings. When he goes on a mission he earns the Malchizedek Priesthood. He is then able to perform blessings. One type of blessing he can perform is called a Priestly Blessing. There are Priestly Blessings of healing, to heal a physical injury, and Priestly Blessings of comfort, to deal with a spiritual problem. It is recommended to perform blessings with two Priesthood holders, but it can be done with just one. During a blessing, the Priesthood holder will place his hands on your head to perform it. As he began the blessing I felt a second pair of hands on my head, and had a feeling that it was his mother. I was hit with the realization that she was the one who had entered my body to tell her son what she had wanted to tell him, and that I was the first person who had come along that provided that sort of means to speak to him. I realized that she was the one who had turned on the light, and she was the one I had sensed when I went over to the sensor. Out of all my life of negative spiritual interaction, this was the only good spiritual interaction I had ever experienced. I found this article because I decided to look up sleeping disorders, thinking I might have one. I found a lot of articles about insomnia, so I looked up if nightmares could cause insomnia. That led me to articles on sleep paralysis. I have read a lot of articles on sleep paralysis tonight, but this one was so short I began to read the comment section, which was ironically longer than the article. As I read the comment section I began to realize that the people who are commenting on this are not necessarily experiencing sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when you are taken from a state of deep sleep to a state of half asleep very quickly. Due to that your body does not have the time to shift from your deep sleep breathing patterns to normal breathing patterns. Hence the feeling of weight on your chest. The lack of oxygen needed for a conscious state causes hallucinations and the inability to move. The people commenting on here have come for the same reason as me, looking to find answers for why they are seeing what they are seeing. They find a psycologist's logical explanation for seeing things and lack of mobility. But they do not find an explanation for the scratches on their arms, or their children seeing the thing that attacked them. I believe sleep paralysis is a real thing, but I also believe that spiritual interaction, both good and evil, are a real thing. And I believe that most of the people who have found this article are, like myself, need to consult a Bible and the Lord more so than a doctor. I am a poet starting out, I have my poetry posted on Wattpad as well as PoemHunter. I have two poems mentioning the woman from my visions. The first one is titled "A Look Inside". It is a metaphorical poem, describing my mind as a house that I am trapped inside. Certain memories and emotions are personified in the poem and have their own bedrooms. Outside of the house are my mental demons. In the poem my mental house is also related to a prison, and the lady, known in the poem as the Dark (because the only name she revealed herself to me by is the Dark Lady) and she is the prison keeper. She wanders the house and torments me. In my bedroom I have Bibles on the desk, candles all over the room to provide light, and I wrote scripture verses all over the walls as an attempt to keep the Dark out of it. The second poem is titled "The Dark" and is a poem written to someone I love dearly describing the Dark. The poem gives a detailed description of how she looks and her intentions. If you have a desire to know more about her I would suggest looking them up. My Wattpad username is the name I have attached to this comment, no spaces, underscores, or special characters. They are in a poem book titled "A Life's Worth". On PoemHunter look up the name attached to this comment as it is. I am not saying this to promote work, mind you, I am saying this so you have the ability to read them and know more about what my situation is. You do not have to, it is only a mere suggestion. Thank you.
  3. 3 Aogee 13 Aug
    Watch the film from 2009, Ink. Trust me.
  4. 4 Billi 06 Aug
    Something relatable has been happening to me a everytime I go in my bed I literally feel an unseen force against my body coming up my bed and just before I was unable to move or scream and all I heard was these weird sounds .. I was Wide Awake!!
    I'm also in a treatment facility and sober for over 3 months but I have 3 other roommates and I think they are starting to believe I'm going a little bit cuckoo
  5. 5 Misty Marley 05 Aug
     I have had the same dreams for a long time just recently I had a fire real close to me and it made no sense as to what caused it nobody can figure it out and I'm not ignorant I am highly educated and I didn't see any reason for it either, and curtains were above my bed and melted and passed the and of my bed  were burnt above me but I wasn't I don't know what woke me up but something woke me up i was barely able to  put the fire out  shortly after I've had things move in front of me; and I had the same dream you guys have; except I'm getting held back while standing up and demons are facing me screaming finally it progressed to where I was able to scream back at least i thought i was but no sound was coming out I was told that I even have to give into it  or keep fighting I don't have a choice my grandfather used to be a preacher so I understand a lot about that part 2 can anyone help me with this. You have a boyfriend to is Indian who even tried smudging and right after he did that it got worse so I don't know if he made it worse by doing that cuz from what I've looked up you can make it way worse if you're not sure what type of entity you're dealinall the tim e!! with and I know mine is as evil as it gets and it follows me a
  6. 6 Lloyd Coleman 05 Aug
    I experience this last night... I was awake but not awake trying to move, but I couldn’t, I even tried to scream out for help, but only found myself making a noise what I can only describe as someone heavily sedated... then while laying there my eyes turned towards the door in my room and a figure open the door.... it had a normal human outline but it was black and the only thing I that stood out was it was wearing a blue with white numbers American football jacket... I could sense it was evil as it started to walk towards me, but then I some how woke up... it’s interesting to hear I’m not alone and so are the stories.
  7. 7 Brandon Gresham 01 Aug
    About 10 years ago I went thru a divorce and moved into a an older house near Rusk, Texas. Something always seemed weird about the house and always saw shadows there. I have twins, a boy and girl, that were 5 at the time and their room was right beside mine. Well, this certain night I was asleep and it was pitch dark in my room, I woke about 3:30 and couldnt move any part of my body, only could scan with my eyes. Totally paralyzed. My girlfriend at the time was next to me asleep and the twins were in their room. I couldn't make a sound or tap her to wake her or anything. I felt this pressure on my chest and couldnt make out a figure on me but I felt it, it was evil I felt. Finally, I could move my arm and I woke her. I still couldn't really move much but she hugged me and I told her what happened after I got my speech back. She was disturbed as was I. I never said a word to my children about it. And oddly enough 10 years later my one of my twins, the boy, was talking to my mother and I heard him talking about when we lived at that old White House. He told her that he saw something in that house that haunts him to this day. Well he goes on to tell my mother that one night he woke from a sleep and saw this huge black beast that had huge red eyes and his veins on his neck were bulging, and that it had weird hooves legs that bent weirdly and it was staring at him while it crept down the hall toward my room. He then went on to tell me that he knew that me and my girlfriend were in there but he closed his eyes in fear and waited until daylight. I cant help but wonder if that was what held me down. And wonder if that was on the same night. My son isn't one that is scared easily, and never one to make anything like this up. Does anyone have any theories they could discuss with me on this? It scares me to death when it crosses my mind.
  8. 8 Vkorn 31 Jul
    Many of you are experiencing demonic attacks. 
    1. Before you go to bed pray that you are covered by the blood of Jesus, say “I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind and body, in the Mae of Jesus Emmanuel yesu”
    2. Bind the forces. Say, “In the name of Jesus Emmanuel Yesu, I bind every demonic force and assignment against my life”
    3. Say everything out loud and believe it when you say it. 
    4. I have sensed the presence of angels a demonic forces throughout my life. Once I received Jesus as my lord and savior, I was able to tread over demonic activity with power through his name.
  9. 9 Cyndie 27 Jul
    I was having a nightmare I remember vaguely, I woke up terrified. I was on my side to something jumping on my back and side. I couldn’t breath or move. It lasted only 10-20 seconds,but it terrified me. I can’t explain it,and I don’t remember it happening since. I was out drinking that night,my mother told me it was a deamon. I assumed it was god trying to wake me due to drinking to much,and possibly stopping an OD.The more I thought about it,and the dream I had,it wasn’t god.In my dream it was an old man holding some kinda pill bottle with writing,and numbers. I remember him talking to me,but can’t remember what he said.Shortly after my friend died then my 18 year old niece died,then less than a year after my niece another friend died. I don’t know if any of that has anything to do with each other,but I think it was a warning.Any feed back would be appreciated.
  10. 10 Cherryl 25 Jul
    My experiences go very far back.  To about 7 years old.  Over the years they have increased in intensity to now understanding that I am fully ‘awake’ whilst dreaming.  More of a nightmare.  I am always lying on my stomach when I fall asleep or on my side.  My favourite positions.  On instance was reading a book, wide awake on my stomach when I started to hear a faint buzzing in my ears.  It started to increase and at the same time I felt as though someone was laying a lead blanket over me from feet to shoulders.  Suddenly I could not move.  The buzzing increased as though my head was right up against a car engine.  I fought the paralysis by starting to move my thumbs.  After about five seconds (which seemed like 10 minutes). Though I cannot recall the time.  I managed to pull myself out of the horrid experience fully awake.
    Another episode was far more a physical attack while fast asleep but I could vividly recall the bedroom down to the little ornaments, the chest of drawers and the door being open (as usual). Even my husband lying fast asleep next to me.  One minute I am in bed, but I get up to go to the door, only for something to pick my up and throw me against the cupboard doors and press themselves against me with the most incredible malevolence breathing into me.  I knew I was asleep and started to scream for my husband which to his opinion came out as though I was drunk.  He brought me out of my nightmare, yet this has not ended.

    A few weeks ago I yet again experienced this horrid ‘paralysis’ where something suddenly lay on me out of no where, though I knew it was there.  I recognised it and it knew it.  Yes I know you all think I am crazy.  Next thing it is on me with such a loud deep growling? Pinning me to the bed.  That is when I turned towards that noise and actually ‘confronted’ it.  I had enough and started to listen and ask myself what it was.  Although I was scared, the anger I suddenly felt help me confront this sleep paralysis and (touch wood) I have not suffered since.  Though I do feel now and then it lingers around.  Since then I have experienced while awake strange things.  But that’s another story.
  11. 11 Alex 23 Jul
    Yeah what if you acctually cause damage to your room or the guy with the schythe does is that what you call normal
  12. 12 Deborah Shelton 19 Jul
    I was being tormented in my sleep some years ago, I could hear myself screaming and crying out for help.  There was something holding me down, and I was unable to wake myself up.  A few minutes later while still sleep, my father came into my room, sat on my bed and woke me up.  He told me everything was alright and it was just a bad dream.  The next day while at breakfast, I thanked my father for coming and waking me out of my sleep and telling me everything was alright, my father looked at me bewildered and said, baby I never entered your room.
  13. 13 Jayden 17 Jul
    When I was 5 years old, I had a terrible  expirience at night. I remember me just waking up and I heard the old mcdonald song. I figured it was nothing and I tryed to go back to sleep.  I closed my eyes and imediently opened them to the sound of a ballon poping. By this point, I got scared. I tryed going back to sleep. I blinked and then after I opened my eye again, I saw it. A apperition with a sweater on hanging from my head. It screamed "MEA!" I yelled. I still remember that day.
  14. 14 Ernestina 15 Jul
    I will always see a man in a black long coat with no face ...and last month i heard my kids father screaming in agony telling me help me and certain things noone knows and he kept saying dont leave me hear follow my voice ..and mind u i was sober ! And i saw him a day later he said i was crazy 
  15. 15 Shem 10 Jul
    It had happen to me several times but last night was the worst i could'nt move for about ten minutes until i feel like giving up n then i saw someone with me beside my bed. He was bery tall with no face at all n he wears a suit, i got so scared that i started shouting at him n he told me to come with him n i deny n i just prayed thinking that this was it n i got back to my senses n i could move. I was shaken n terrified but then i got angry that that happened n went to sleep n woke up next morning with a vengance to whoever that was that happen to me last night.
  16. 16 Aly 06 Jul
    This morning I was talking to my gramma and was laying in bed. I started falling asleep and suddenly I started hearing whispers in my left ear. I tried to move my head up but I couldnt. While this was happening I could still hear my gramma talking and I was laying on my stomach..i tried to scream and scream and each time I thought it was real but my gramma just kept talking. I could blink but that was the only thing. I felt as if I was being held down on the bed. Finally after fighting and fighting for about 5 minuets I was finally able to sit up and screamed. Ive heared about this before but  it had never happend to me. I thought if it did I would be prepares but I really wasnt. It was the scariest thing ive expierenced. Im 14, and study these things but it was unexplainble. 
  17. 17 Johnathen Vaquerano 06 Jul
    I had a dream about a haunted wardrobe. I was in a dark and the only thing I can see was this old Victorian wardrobe, then this feeling af fear and despair, dread coming over me. Then I heard the voice of a woman crying say why did u leave me.the all of a sudden these arms grab me and try dragging me under the wardrobe I never had a dream that felt soo real.i had all my senses I could feel everything.the are,the wooden floor,the breath or the women.
  18. 18 Zulema Cruz 27 Jun
    today at about 5:00 a.m I finally decided to go to sleep, as SOON as I closed my eyes, I started hearing very loud rings in my ears. I opened my eyes and everything was shaking, I was paralyzed I couldn’t move whatsoever, I was barley even able to move my eyes. I then started hearing an elderly woman laughing loud in my ear.. I was so scared I closed my eyes, opened them and on the left side of my I saw a black figure, I couldn’t tell what it was but it scared me I was trying so hard to ask god to help me but I was just so scared I couldn’t even think. next thing you know that black figure got its hand and rubbed it across my face.. I finally woke up and the next morning my sister noticed that I had a big scratch in my nose... this is the worst one I experienced yet. 
  19. 19 Anni 24 Jun
    So this happened to me just last night. About 3 in the morning, I had felt that something held me down and I couldn’t move. Although I could see and breathe. Then my lights went off.( Before I went bed I had accidentally left my lights and TV on. Oops!) But I had seen a tall, skinny, black, shadow standing there. He had also worn a like top hat and a coat. He just stood there and watched me. But then his hand went down as if he were to choke me. And then, he disappeared and I could move. I quickly got up and turned on the light. He was gone and I did research on him. He is the “Top Hat Demon”. After that I went to bed and had a bad dream about him. I hope this never happens again.
  20. 20 Connor 23 Jun
    I have experienced sleep paralysis twice. So one time, I woke up at 3:16 am and I saw my light switch turn down (I have a dimmable light) and click as my light fully went out. I then suddenly couldn't move as if something was stopping me from moving. I looked in the corner of my room by my light switch and I saw something. The best way to describe her was she looked a bit like Samara from the ring (white dress, tall, black hair draped down her face) but I got a kind of evil vibe from her. She was just crouched there, staring into my soul. After about 10 seconds, she suddenly disappeared and I could suddenly move again. I ran to my light switch and turned it up. It clicked which meant it had manually been turned down showing me that it was real and wasn't a hallucination or a dream. The second time, I woke up at 6 am and I suddenly couldn't move. I felt something move closer to me and then I felt whatever it was kiss me on the back (like it had lips). As soon as it kisses me, I span around but by the time I did, I only managed to see a hint of black before it vanished completely. I still have no clue what that second spirit looked like. I don't want to experience that evil sleep paralysis again...
  21. 21 Aiden 23 Jun
    So I believe in demons and spirits and ghosts and other things like witchcraft but I was lying down and then I felt a weird feeling you know that one you get when someone is watching you yeah well I got that feeling and I heard a noise and jumped up to see what it was nothing at all and then I spotted peeking around the corner of my open closet it was a man with a huge grin and wide eyes I asked who he was and he said this “I’m the one who gives you nightmares I’m the one who gives you fear I’m the one who takes the dead and whispers in your ear”, then my tv went out and he appeared in the corner of my room then the tip of my bed and said “I’m the one who hears your secrets I’m the one who hurts your head I’m the one I’m the one who is always watching you asleep in your bed”, the he scratched me on the arm and I woke up with the pain and scratch on my arm
  22. 22 Hailey 18 Jun
    One time when I was about 10 or 11 i was staying at my aunts house laying on the couch and I woke up at like 12 and I looked over and saw a tall man with sharp finger nails and a hat. He started taking the hat off and when he did he was bald and and just looked really really creepy. I started freaking out but couldn’t move. He reached down with one finger nail and cut my stomach. Finally after a couple minutes I fell back asleep. At around 1:00am I woke back up because I heard the clock ticking louder than it normally does. And then I heard a lawn mower start outside. The next day I woke up and looked at my stomach and the cut was still there from the “creepy green man with long nails” that I saw. I showed my mom and told her everything that happened. A lot of years have passed and I still remember that. Like every detail of it. I don’t know what caused it, some say that neighborhood was “haunted” or something and I believe it was Bc of other paranormal stuff that’s happened to me there.
  23. 23 Hopsin 14 Jun
    ok so I’ve just awoken from a dream and it went like this I laid back in a chair and I can’t move my arms are to my sides an I have 1leg up on a little chair. When I try to wake I can’t move my arms feel so heavy an when I touch them there solid and hard, and when I bring them up to look at there invisible. I felt like I was dead, I’ve had sleep paralysis before but something about this time was different 
  24. 24 Larry 13 Jun
    I've been studying this and acting like I'm asleep this thing sits ontop of you checks your eyelids to see if you're asleep slowly creeps upon you and I'm not sure what else it does I know on meth I felt a spirit press down on my cover and seduce me I'm not sure what this thing does when I'm asleep haven't acted asleep long enough and I've been sober for a looooong time now it wasn't just the drugs I'm not trippin people!
  25. 25 Iman 12 Jun
    Reading these comments - heavy chills. Me too.had visits in many forms. It could be as one sitting on my cheast breathing mouth to mouth, or rather just holding over my mouth. Not like I felt refreshed with air. Paralized I couldn't Easily move or talk but I did not give up (might have happen about 10 times from age 21-24) and eventually I would 'awake' myself. Before this became something frequent, so .. Maybe the first time, I called for 'Allah!!!' And I am telling you - within a second(!) - the demon/evil left me.totally con fused why did i say Allah and not 'Gud' - God in swedish - It took me you years to put the pieces together.. But in Love - today I am a Swedish girl of origin, being a Muslim since about 5 years back and even though I also think one evil left the guy/girl who called for Jesus, as a comment mentioned; but Go straight for the creator instead a( he knows the evil inside out, created it too and knows how to cure us) and not his beloved prophets or angels. I beeegggeedd to just start a 'new life' start clean. And wow.. He gave me litteraly new life, islam when adhering to it foreal real and remaining a muslim ofc, removes All sins and let you keep your good deeds. May Allah show you real Islam and Fear our God and Love our God, not these little rascals called my so many names. Fear Allah and make his severe warnings - change your lifestyle... And if u wish guys. I would not mind answering emails from those who seek genuine help. 

  26. 26 Sarina 10 Jun
    this happens to me when I would be really really tired and I fall asleep without trying to if that makes sense. I feel trapped in my body and know someone else is with me. One time I floated on my grandmothers couch and felt like I was being abducted but I know this wasn’t real because I had the blanket on me in the morning and in this “dream”?i had no blanket on and I distinctly remember my feet floating uncovered. In another episode the “old hag” sat on my chest once and told me to do something unspeakable and it makes me sick to this day. I have not had these episodes happen to me lately. But I do remember having lucid dreams as a child flying through my grandmothers house where I could see her cooking in the kitchen I flew over the child gate in the living room saw my sleeping cousins and I and I left out the front door and flew down the street. Chilling and beautiful. 
  27. 27 Sheff 09 Jun
    There are things that go bump in the night if you look in its eyes you will see straight into its soul unfortunately for me I know this to be true
  28. 28 Old Hag 09 Jun
    This morning(06/09/19), I was sleeping on My Right Side. I am 3 Months Pregnant and had a Dream That Aint was in a House That was unknown for some reason my mother was there but in the kitchen to what sounds like washing dishes. I, was in a bedroom with an very “Elderly Hispanic Woman” That was laying in a bed. She was alive and woke non verbal though. At first she was holding my Left Thumn gently while I was watch a movie that wasn’t real. Then I felt her grip getting stronger and stronger then she began squeezing. I kept yelling “Let my hand go” then every time I yelled for my mother my voice kept going in and out like o was horse. Then She Say Up and opened her mouth wide as possible. It was black and she kept leaning towards me almost like she wanted to put her mouth on me, but every time she leaned towards me I would lean back. All while she was still holding/squeezing my thumb. I finally pulled my thumb away and that’s when I woke up. I guess this is sleep paralysis but then again I am Pregnant. I feel it was a demon trying to either take anybody soul or My unborn baby.
  29. 29 Corey 08 Jun
    Shortly after i got an Ouija board the old hag started attacking me. safe to say i gave the board away shortly after my first attack. ive once been told the old hag is a nightmare that a witch cast on you. Ive experienced the loud buzzing, heavy weight on my chest and even met her. I always sleep with a bible under my mattress and cant sleep on my back anymore.
  30. 30 PLEASE READ 06 Jun
    I have been experiencing this all my life and after i lost my fear i began studying them and theres alot i can share

    1. What is love to you is fear to them and what is fear to you is love to them.

    2. They are low vibrational beings and they seek low vibrational energy. Their aim is to make you leak negative energy, via negative thoughts/emotions  about your self, your life and others in your life, and it seeks to cause harm to your relationships with friends and loves ones by giving you thoughts that make you paranoid and suspicious of everyone, as well as visit you at your sleep and feed you more fear and anxiety and you'll leak more low vibe energy. This is why their not killing people, watch the first matrix movie, and change those robots with these demons and that is whats happening, were a source of food, and all the elite and rulers of this world have sold their soul to them, and they cooperate with them to maintain order and keep things how it is, as a money system ensures only small percentage live in comfort and happiness while the rest of the billions will suffer and stress and feed more of these creatures. 
  31. 31 John 03 Jun
    I have experienced being paralyzed i remember all my dreams from beginning to end i know how scary it can feel specifically when you see and hear the one responsible. Ill tell you how to what to do exactly so It will stop from happening again first step. Start medition to gain more awareness, memory, and consciousness to the point when your having a dream you will be fully aware of it being a dream second illuminate fear dont be scared no mater what it cant hurt you its a dream because fear is fuel to the unpleasant visitor. Good luck everyone. 
  32. 32 J.p. soto 25 May
    I have had two different people tell me when there sound asleep, that the old lady is here for me. What does this mean I've had so much supernatural stuff happen to me my whole life and always wanted to know why.
  33. 33 JS 23 May
    Extremely interesting reading this.
    From the age of about 4, I used to have a mans body with horns come out from the wardrobe next to my bed and try and grab me. I couldn't move or speak.
    After what seemed a long time I would be able to move, but it would block my exit. I would try to get to my bedroom door to alert my Dad, but I could only move but not make a sound.
    When I eventually made it to the bottom of the stairs, as my parents were upstairs, this thing would teleport itself to the top of the stairs in an instant. When I finally managed to whimper and my dad would open his bedroom door at the top of the stairs, this thing would disappear.
    This I rememember went on for a year or so until we moved..
    This thing frightened me and I remember seemingly knowing it was evil.
    One thing which bugs me is that I remember agreeing with some deal against my will with this thing for it to go away i
  34. 34 mia 22 May
    I have a PhD in psychology and was a registered  nurse for 12 years. I have studied science, use a scientific objective mindset on almost everything. However, there are two things that I CANNOT justify in any form. The first time it happened I was 17 and sleeping in the bed with my mother. I woke up and could not move, could not scream, just observe. I saw this black mass of some sort with NO FEATURES. The closer it got the more terrified I became. Then all of a sudden I could move and I woke my mother.  The second time this happened I was 39 years old. I was asleep in the bed with my husband. I woke up and again I could not move. Again, I saw this black mass standing or present beside me. Then I saw a white mass with faint human features pass by door. The black mass immediately left. I know I was not in a dream state because I got out of bed and recalled every second of the terror. WHAT does this energy want? What was that white figure? I almost forgot. When I was 16 my grandmother died and we engaged in the wake in our home. 3 days later around 2 or 3 am I woke up to see her standing in the doorway but she was like a formed cloud with VERY distinct features, and she was YOUNG, i know it was her because I had seen pictures of her. However, my parents thought it was the trauma of her death. PLEASE, can someone validate what this was?
  35. 35 A.W. 22 May
    So I'm just sitting doing nothing I close my eyes
    a creature indescribable walked into my room and told me I was not ready and just left, I open my eyes and around 2 hours had gone by, not sure if this was a dream that was so REAL it took place where I was currently residing
    Anyway it's left me pondering the possibility of subconscious conversations.
  36. 36 Is religion the answer? 21 May
    Not wanting to knock anyone's own faith or religious views... I'd just like to say that, over the past 30 years, I honestly haven't seen/experienced any evidence to suggest that this is a religious affliction or that religion offers any solution that cannot be sought elsewhere. For example, it is not prayer but pure and simple concentrated thought - or determination - that helps to break an episode of sleep paralysis. Leaving religions readings playing could easily be substituted for a TV or even a radio. Personally, I tend to leave a dim light on and something quiet on the TV. I can thoroughly recommend this. KU-WI-3891.
  37. 37 Mary 21 May
    Children of God. Please play scripture on YouTube in house as you sleep.  A closed bible doesn't scare off enemy. Speak the word of God! Play the shofar on YouTube as you sleep at night. Enemy has to flee! Anoint your home with oil and plead blood of JESUS over every door way window and even yard! Anoint yourself . Play anointed worship music in your home! Bethal music is a good one. Ask for God to forgive you of all sins daily and wash and cleanse you. There has to be a legal right for enemy to come in. Ask God what it is. Forgive others so you can be forgiven and seek delieverance.  Clean your Harry Potter,p pokeman,nothing unclean in your home including a lot of movies and a lot of music. You may have to toss movies, books, CDs, Celtic symbols, dream catchers,things connected to people that you have had ungodly soul tie with. You must renounce all sins even if unknowingly took place. Inequities are families sins, renounce those generational curses back to Adam and Eve. Break off soul ties specifically name that person or people. Fast, pray, ask God to fill you with holy spirit. Find a spirit filled church and get covered with prayer. Intercessors might have to step in gap for you, this is warfare. But you must keep a clean house and live for God. Otherwise demons will return with 7xs more spirits. Remember the battle belongs to God but he equips us. 
  38. 38 Sophie 21 May
    Last night I got this prints when I woke up can someone help me understand what they can be 
  39. 39 The Old Hag? 20 May
    Deep down, I know "the old hag" by a different name. I've known it since I first saw her when I was very young. Nobody ever told me - I just know. I'm looking for anyone else who "knows"... If you think you do, leave a comment - but don't tell your answer here. I'll check back soon. KU-WI-3891.
  40. 40 Stephen 20 May
    I experienced a heaviness while sleeping and could not move or speak.  I knew it was evil and tried to speak but couldn't.  Suddenly my mouth loosed and I yell "Jesus" and immediately the heaviness left.  It was a demon and the name of Jesus rebuked it.  I was living in sin at that time and I encourage you to accept Jesus as your savior and pray for his protection.
  41. 41 Eddie Starr 20 May
    The truth it is a combination of witchcraft and demons. I was on the tagged site talking to a woman it is a free dating site. A woman that I was close to was on there trying to find me a woman to spend the rest of my life with. Turn out the woman that she wanted to fixed me up with was a witch. I wanted no part of her so she put a spell on me. I was in that situation but also my manhood was being squeezed super hard so I said help Jesus and then there was no more squeezing nor paralyzing either.
  42. 42 Gaye 19 May
    I think there is sleep paralysis and then there are other things that science cannot measure with the tools of this world so therefore sleep paralysis is all it can be.  What if these things affect or cause it? I also think that there are different kinds of dreams and I wonder if some of our dreams are affected or orchestrated by a lot of these dark beings.  I worked for 911 for 20 yrs and it didn't really start until I was around 40ish.  Dark being (purple colored energy and I can't move at least 1/2 hr after I am well awake and need to potty.  If anyone doesn't believe you then they haven't dealt with them.  I think a lot of us are interacting with beings that coexist ithatn this plane and when we dream we coexist in their plane.  I think if we were taught how to really develope spiritually and if we were taught that they and angels and probably a whole lot more are natural to existance just like God it could help more of us to feel like were not making it up or crazy or expain it away. I can't tell you how relieved I am to see all these posts cause it gets so lonely cause you're either psychotic or just crazy and heaven forbid you talk about it.  We should form a support group for our soecial group. Please hang in there everyone...Gaye
  43. 43 Felicia 19 May
    I don't believe the scientific explanation. I had this "sleep paralysis " every single night for 8 months when I was 13. Wake up terrified, cant move, can barely breathe,  and a dark figure in a cloak maybe, would just stand off to the side and watch me struggle. I am now 36 and whatever was in my room when I was 13 attached itself to me and I cant get rid of it. It has caused my life to be horrible, I get feelings of rage and sadness that are not my feelings,  negative thoughts that arent mine, door bell ringing at night and noone there, knocking on my childrens bedroom doors, lights going off and on, things moving in front of me. And it is all NEGATIVE. And as far as the dark figure that used to sit off to the side and he runs the show. Stands directly in front of me when I am awake and stares at me. He terrifies me. I recently started sleeping with the lights on. It comes and goes butit's getting bad again. I just pray 2 God I make it thru another round with this thing. I'm so tired no matter how much I sleep,and sick, and depressed....I want to be normal. Sleep paralysis is a term to describesomething they cant explain. This is real and there really is something there in the dark watching. I've seen it and I don't want to anymore. 
  44. 44 B white 18 May
    After my brother died when I was 3 I started seeing red blinking eyes on the wall watching me and would be so scared that I couldn't move. I also heard foot steps in the living room coming towards my bedroom and the eyes would disappear. I use to sit up in my sleep and even sleep walk. As I got older I started having insomnia but would still dream while awake. Now all of my dreams are so vivid. I have a hard time with differentiating them with reality. 
  45. 45 Beebo J Ghost Whisperer 17 May
    Ive been reading a lot of you guy’s comments and they are incredible. I too have gone through many occurrences this so called “sleep paralysis.” Its usually at its most powerful at the “witching hour” (3:01 am) and starts with a very faint and high beeping in the ear...then goes on to a very cold but very hot tingling sensation on your skin, and finally the I’m stuck I can’t move my body but I feel like I’m awake. Most of the time this is when spirits that have attached itself to you are trying to communicate with you. Maybe something they want you to know or something they want you to help them with..or something that wants to harm you. I have seen ghost in real life walking about and at one point, believe it or not have seen death himself... i at times have had this strange entity that has been visiting me since I was 15-16 years old. (25 now) it usually likes to visit me at night when it’s cold in my room (I like cold ac lol) and very dark and veryyyy quiet. So quiet that you can hear a pin drop, is when the entity starts to try and talk to me. I find it helpful to either leave a light on somewhere that you can see it, or leave something like a tv on or a fan , something that doesn’t make it so quiet. Praying to god also helps, sleeping with a bible and cross, and when it does happen, yes pray to the lord. You can also try talking to it and finally seeing what it needs so it can finally be satisfied with its mission to talk to you. But do be careful, many presences are there to cause harm and talking to an entity can be risky at times, inviting it in more. I myself have said for it to go away and to leave me be in the name of god, and it disappears after a week for a while, but I feel it still tries to contact me at times and have yet to talk to it one on one. Be safe, don’t provoke them too much, and don’t be afraid! They were living beings just like you at one point and they can definitely feed of your fear and negativity. Stay positive.
  46. 46 Bill 14 May
    We moved into a farm when I was about nine Ontario King Township.  Soon after we began seeing A dark figure at the foot of the bed at night, under 6 foot tall with no discernible features. It appeared to wear a broad rimmed flat topped hat and afull length overcoat or cloak. There would be some movement but it never approached or exuded any malevolence, but was still frightening. After a while it wouldd disappear.   This became a common sporadic occurrence viewed by many people including guests. At times 2 or 3 people would see it at the same time. Affected guests woul leave and never return. Only occurred in front bedroom and went on for years. From time to time pets would act terrified and that room seemed the focal point. at times the lightbulb would dim only in that room, same with any other light source, while rest of house lights were still bright. Many other occurences throughout the house, many felt malevolent. Had a foot pedal player piano which played by itself in broad daylight without a music roll.   An item would disappear from th large empty dining room tabletop and reappear weeksor days later, no  one else around. Sometimes at night multiple voices would speak quietly and eeven call my name. Occurences of a very tangible terrifyin prescence throughout the home would be felt by all who were present. Found out years laer that a vicious murder was committed in the front bedroom.             Ten years later I lived in a place in Toronto which showed strong signs of infestation and where I was harassed by aterrifying prescence which eventually attacked me in bed one night.  Screw this crud about sleep paralysis. The effect of the unsuccessful attack were not only severe and profound, they cntinued for 7 days and night precisely and then abrubtley ended. A doctor I went to the neext day had documented several dozen of the same occurrencs and predicted the 7 day lifespan. The other patient all saw the man in black first before the old hag attack, only I had dozens of visits from man in black and a 10 year wait for the old hag. The others had only 1 or a few blakman visits before an old hag attack days or weeks later. Almost all visitations occurred inplaces where extreme violence an or death took place. These entities are not believedto be ghosts but rather sentient life forms from other realms often labelled as demons or fallen angels. Traumatic events can tear th fabric of time and space allowin them access and entry to our realm.   Over the years have found very large number of folk who were victims, some which saw unending attacks.    Experts are legends in their own minds. Sleep paralysis occurs but is not a blanket explanation. Follow your own gut feelings.
  47. 47 Samantha 14 May
    Everyone once in awhile I have Sleep paralysis where I’m being held down and can’t move, but this “thing” keeps pulling my blanket from me. During this my “dream self” will try to warm my parents but they will never believe me. This time my dream self recorded myself sleeping and thus it showed me tugging at a blanket where no one was on the other end. I showed my “dream dad” the video and he didn’t wanna see the bullshit and didn’t have time to deal with it. So I fell back asleep in my dream, and the “thing” came after me again, this time I chased it and asked it to come out, and this scary little girl appeared. I asked her name and her name was Suzy. She then asked what my cat and dogs names are in a scary tone, so I lied. I think some how she sensed I was lying and her smile on her face stared to change. I tried to wake up but I was held down. Then suddenly I woke up. I’ve only been asleep for 3 hours.
  48. 48 Unknown Character 13 May
    When I was little I saw a little monster, he always tried to get me. But it stopped when I turned eight. Except it wasn't at night it was during the day. The monster just kept staring and didn't move. The monster moved closer everyday, and it grew more and more. To the point it was almost in my dreams and in reality. I was so scared I live near a city to stay close to everyone. 
  49. 49 Nicole Garces 09 May
    Happening to me i was very young my 3 seeing a ghost  then now im 22 old years i see still ghost 
  50. 50 Winona 07 May
    Remedy to cure it::Recite the Lords prayer IN YOUR MIND, If you can't speak or move. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be by thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against and lead us not into evil through the power n glory forever n ever,Amen..Jesus will come if you call upon him..Mary K Baxter even had it happen 2 her.
  51. 51 kelly 06 May
    im 13 and fot the past 2 nights a baphomet has watched m sleep at the foot of my bed speaking in tongue and tell=s m things like ther is no heavenly father
  52. 52 Sage 06 May
    my boyfriend is hearing buzzing in his head and he cant control himself and he cuts himself... and i think it has to do with a demon. so i just click on the first link.
  53. 53 kandivamboe 06 May
    i garr a prob wth sleepin or let me say this damn Evil spirit are allwayz disturbn me at night when em a deep sleeping i cant move r talk i hate this i need a help
  54. 54 Be Fearless 02 May
    Most of what you see are your own manifestations. Next time you have a sleep paralysis, DON’T FREAK OUT and see what that does for you.. Try to RELAX your body and BREATH calmly. Whatever you do see is HARMLESS. When has a spirit or ghost or demon attacked anyone? Haha... the mind is a very powerful place and u can control it. Everyones stories about their own manifestations are very different and very alike. Because some of us don’t all think the same and some of us do.
  55. 55 :): 01 May
    Why isn't sam and dean doing anything about this??? (Im joking)
  56. 56 anonymous 01 May
    is it bad that i want sleep paralysis?? i just wanna see if what everyone is saying is true..
  57. 57 Whitney 29 Apr
    I suffer from deression and anxiety and sometimes it affects the way i look at life. With what i have i realize im able to see more than others..i hear people screaming in my dreams and ive been to the point where i hear them in real life. Foot steps across the kitchen,blackouts, sleep paralysis, hauntings..i and my mother we have these dreams that end up coming true and its horrifying and i want them to stop. I dont want to see anymore deaths i dont want to know how people die, or even get hurt. i cant warn them in time either. ive seen a man hanging from a tree because he had to bury his own family in the cemetary..its scary and idk what to do with this gift i have..ive been told by my classmates that im too scary to have a girls night. i talk in my sleep and its not a good talk, my best friend told me i was talking to her like i was awake eyes open and everything. funny thing it was right at 2:58 when that happened. ive experienced Astral projection so many times ever since i was a small child. My mother even took the bible and made it stop for a few didnt fully go away..has anyone had any of this happen to them because fixing to be 19 is scaring not sure if i can get rid of this or not?
  58. 58 Casey 22 Apr
    I was 17 so it was 51 years ago. We lived in an old warehouse that was turned into apartments.  I was asleep and don't remember what time it was. I woke up. I was on my back. I could not move or speak. I was trying to call my mother. The blanket started sliding off me.  I got really scared and kept fighting to move. Finally after a few minutes i got up and ran to my mom. Told her what happened and she gave me a bible and said to put it next to my bed. Never happened again.
  59. 59 Ltre 21 Apr
    I have had this happen before except mine was funny I saw something that look like it was roasting another person
  60. 60 Kerry 20 Apr
    This happened to me once when I was 17. One of the scariest things i’ve ever experienced. I was home alone and taking a nap mid afternoon. When I “woke up” I could not move or talk at all. I was laying on my back and my eyes were open but I was not fully aware of what was happening. My bedroom door was open and as I looked towards it I saw a women with straight long hair start walking towards me and basically felt like I was being choked and strangled. My chest felt heavy as if I couldn’t breath and I tried so hard to move my hands until I woke up. I had no idea what this was until I looked it up in terror but I truly believe that this was a ghost coming to haunt me for whatever reason. Being home alone was one of the scariest parts.
  61. 61 Regina 19 Apr
    I remember once looking in the mirror and falling asleep you CAN SAY. IT WAS WEIRD UWU CUZ BISS I STARTED IMAGINING (OR) DREAMING OF GHOSTS AND DEMONS. when I snapped out of whatever that was after about 20 minutes, I had a large smile plastered on my face. when I realised I quickly changed my expression. I have no idea what that was but I felt like something was in me. this happened when I was ten a few years ago. weird
  62. 62 Celeste Barbosa 18 Apr
    So I am 19 years old and am a victim of sleep paralysis. I’ve probably experienced this10 since I was 16. I’ve gone through it so many times that i no longer get scared and I am able to feel when it is coming - my body will start feeling heavy and will start tingling - but just this morning the darkness took over me. It was the worst one I’ve ever experienced. I was too tired fight at first. So when it took over, of course, I became paralyzed - unable to move or speak let alone open my eyes. I tried so hard to move that I imagined myself moving when I really wasn’t. My legs were being pinned down and my arms felt like they were going to fall off from the pulling sensation I was feeling. At some point i took over the some point I took over the spirit and commanded it to leave my  presence into leave my house. But that didn’t help much so I tried it again but with Jesus’s help and said “in Jesus name, I command you to leave.” I said it over and over again in my head till I could speak it. The paralysis then weakened.
    In this experience I saw nothing yet it was still the worst one b/c I’ve never had to try so hard to get out of it. I had one in so log that a part of me had forgot how to get out of it at first.
    After I woke up i prayed. 
  63. 63 Lj Nogler 17 Apr
    Jesus will help you, call him for protection, The Blood is the most powerful thing. Don't be afraid of these things, it's all manipulation. Yes they might manifest enough energy to scratch and pull hair but it's all to torment you into depression. Take back your life, you are worth it. If you need help removing these things and want help. Email me, LjNoglerArt@gmail  Good luck
  64. 64 Lj Nogler 17 Apr
    It's sad to know these people will end up helpless if they listen to someone like you. They are not hallucinations these are the tricks of oppression used by the dark spirits. They want to possess your body. It's a 3 step process, oppression, depression, then possession. Most people are protected by a guardian or two. That depends on your purpose for this term or your family history. Some of you carry generational curses that you don't even realize you have upon you. Sage your homes, dry it out, wrap it in thread or twine like a pine cone shape. Light one end over a plate, blow it out and wave the smoke. Make sure to open your windows at the top first/ If you don't they can not leave. Start with the darkest parts of your home, command them to leave at once. Be firm and strict about this being your home and they are not welcomed. Bind them back to the portal or gates inwhich they have escaped from. 
  65. 65 Minka 16 Apr
    These arent just nightmares..they are entities that attach themselves to people and feed off of their life force. They aee there even during the day its just that people cannot see them. They attack at night becasuse thats when your soul is most valnurable. There are cleansing ceremonies that can be done to rid yourself of these entities..otherwise they stay with you and toture you.
  66. 66 Lilah 10 Apr
    The first time it happened i was sixteen years old. When i awoke from it i heard a sound under the my bed like a pig grunting. So i ran to my older cousin's room and woke him to check under my bed and nothing was there. Fell back asleep and again i was held down, couldn't move, speak, and was being choked. I called out to Jesus in my mind over and over until it released me. It still happens to me but i wake myself up before the darkness gets a hold of me. Usually i feel myself vibrating, or my skin tingles as i am falling asleep and this is the indicator that its there waiting. So i can avoid it but the problem is i can't get a restful night rest because i have to keep constantly waking myself up. There has to be a better way. 
  67. 67 Rebecca 07 Apr
    I grew up in a very old house which was extremely haunted.  I used to feel someone grabbing my legs and shake my bed while I was completely paralyzed and unable to speak.  My sister also experienced the same things growing up.  It wasn’t until we were adults that my parents admitted to seeing ghosts in the house and being bit and and scratched.  I only had one experience upon a visit to my parents in my twenties. I felt cold and had my hair pulled out of my bun. I felt the paralysis to set in but thankfully was able to speak and told the spirit to leave me alone. Now in my most recent home, I’ve experienced paralysis on 3 occasions.  I’m unable to speak, however, I eventually am able to call out to leave me alone.  Last night was the first time I actually saw what I could only think was a demon.  I woke up several times in the night and just felt uneasy. I was alone and I felt like there was a negative presence in my home.  I woke around 5:30 to strange whispers in my ear and could feel the cold breath on my face.  I was completely paralyzed and could see a large spirit floating above me.  It looked like a black cloud but in the shape of a human shadow.  I was unable to speak at first and it sounded like I was mumbling.  I called out to my angels and Jesus for help. The cloud/shadow shot down to the side of my bed and appeared to be a small person. I yelled at it that it was not welcome in my home and to leave.  It stood there for about 30 seconds and then disappeared and I could feel my body come out of the paralysis.  It was completely exhausting and my throat is soar from yelling.  I’m happy to see I’m not alone.
  68. 68 Joseph 05 Apr
    My has been so terrible.... I don't really know what this evil people really want.... They have been disturbing me ever since I was little unit now even as am speaking with you I know they are waiting for me to rest so that they could come again please I really need help.... Why are they disturbing me does it mean I have offended them... Please help..... Even if I hold my Bible it will not work even if I shout Jesus it will not work.... I can't really explain everything... The experience is so much that I can not explain.....
  69. 69 Marion 04 Apr
    I sleep on my stomach and even so I experience the sensation of having what feels like an entity holding me down whilst it sits on my back. I can even hear it laugh at me. Although it only lasts seconds, I was able to open my eyes and see things that I could not explain, almost like a transparent hologram of figures. Very frightening. 

    Sometimes I calm out to Jesus and it works, other times it doesn’t. When it doesn’t work I tell it that all bonds and bonds are broken and it somehow weakens it. It’s a weird feeling. I also feel as though it has taken the strength and closed me bottom two chakras, almost as though it is in control of it. 
  70. 70 unuigbe bukola 25 Mar
    please let's not be deceived by Human and scientific theories. These things are demonic. God who created sleep and ask human beings to rest or sleep intends for us to sleep undisturbed with peace in our minds and wake up happy and not oppressed or tormented.
    The bible says "you will lay down and your sleep shall be sweet". if you are experiencing something different- seeing demons and voices take charge in the spirit- Bind the devil and his agents and declare your sleep undisturbed from henceforth. Any time we are experiencing something contrary to what God has promised us, it is the devil trying to steal from us what God has promised us (John 10:10)- God never promised us sleep paralysis or conversations with demons, unknown people or having horrifying experiences  in our sleep. His intension is for us to have absolute rest and wake up strong with a sound mind. I have experienced all these oppressions in my sleep several times but i had to take a stand against the devil and declare what the word of God says, and I told the devil never to disturb my sleep anymore.... I told him if l have to talk to any one in my sleep, I ONLY WANT TO TALK TO JESUS AND HIS ANGELS and NOT HIM OR HIS DEMONS. I am a child of God the devil and his demons have no right over my spirit, soul and body, they all belong to jesus. only what we allow can keep happening to us. Get Up Now and disallow sleep paralysis- the bible says in matthew 18:!8, matthew 16:19- you have the power to disallow or allow anything in your life and God will back you up. So get up now and disallow any horrifying thing you do not like in your life using all these scriptures. stay blessed.
  71. 71 Ariel 25 Mar
    I have this happening to about 4 times in my ife first was unable to move or scream but I could feel my soul out of my body and just floating off my bed second time it happened I couldn't scream or move except see there I see a spirit or a demon coming out of the wall it was all black with long fingers and I tried so hard to move I could feel myself sweating then I remembered I need to wiggle my toes then I finally woke up the next time it happened I felt my soul leaving my body and there I am floating in the hallway I could see someone walking past and I remembered to wiggle my toes there I was my soul going back to my body I asked right away if that person was passing by the hallway sure enough she did and the next time it was like the first that happen my soul coming out of my body I think if we go to sleep angry or depressed this happens if you don't wiggle your toes you can die and your soul would remain this is scary the last time was about 6 7 years Ago
  72. 72 BLM 24 Mar
    I had satan actually invoke emotions of sexual arousal in my sleep, trying to get me to sin against my own body..but I immediately realize that it was getting me to sin against the sixth commandment and got very angry that I was being tricked and I said "I rebuke you Satan "over and over and it just laughed at me but it left my emotions/feelings of arousal.. I
  73. 73 Amy 17 Mar
    One thing I forgot to mention, my son said he hears a laughing and that the figure he sees is very tall. One time during sleep paralysis, my whole body began to shake uncontrollably. My son said his started in 10th Grade. I can't remember when mine started but I was a young teenager.
  74. 74 Amy 17 Mar
    I have had many many experiences of sleep paralysis. My whole body becomes paralyzed, I can't move. I can't open my eyes to see I can't open my mouth to scream. Normally I'm uncomfortable and I just want to move to get comfortable. This has happened to me since I was a teenager. I'm 37 now. The only way I have learned to break free of this is to focus on my big toe and try to move it. I can hear everything around me I just can't move. My brain is completely awake but my body is paralyzed it is terrifying. My son is 19 years old. I just opened up to him about it. He told me he has the same experiences, except he can see things. He has seen a black figure with skinny arms and legs and a wide body. It has white eyes and no neck. I don't have these experiences as much as I did in my teen years, but they still come to me sometimes. If someone is in the room with me and they sit down on the bed, it takes me out of it and wakes me up.
  75. 75 Ronnie 11 Mar
    I have experienced about 4 different episodes of some type of "night terror".  The most recent two happened within the last three months.

    I was laying in bed, when I could feel my blanket sliding off of my body.  This happened to me before so I tried to shake it off but knew that I wouldn't be able to.  I opened my eyes and saw the same dark shadow sitting at my feet.  I would try to close my eyes and hope that the feeling would go away but found myself opening my eyes and the shadow was still there.  Again, the blanket started to move off my body.  It felt like someone or something was pulling it or like something was crawling under the blanket and moving around.  The shadow was getting closer to my face.  Then, I felt something that was different than the last terror I'd experienced.  I heard a voice.  I couldn't make up the words but it was a very low haunting sound.  I couldn't move and I couldn't shake off the feeling.  It felt so real.  When I experience these episodes, I feel like I am wide awake and the shadow, the pulling of the blanket and the sounds all feel so real.  However, I eventually am able to fall asleep.  When I wake up, I look back at the moment and know that it was probably some kind of nightmare or a state of my mind where I had my eyes open but was not fully awake.  I wish I knew more about why this has happens.  

    The other type of night terror I have, my body just feels glued to the bed.  I can't move my arms, I can't speak and, again, I feel like something is there, watching me.
  76. 76 Kristina 08 Mar
    I have never spoke of my experiences,never hear of anyone with one. I lived in a house till the age of 14, I moved out. I left because of a dark tall skinny cloked man with a hat. I would wake up, this is after I refused to sleep in my room. slept o. The couch in the living room,but it starting getting worse. felling and seeing him leaning over me pressing on my stomach. I would be in a 3 dementional state,bc when I was younery I would end up sleeping in the front yard. Sleep walk, sleep talk. It got so bad my dad put locks on top of doors I coundnuc reach. Nailed my windows shut. I don't remember but one time sleep walking, bc I felt awake. I rememver looking at this man same one through the years and fighting him, I remember running through the kitchen,feeling the door handle,stopping to have a moment to say to myself ,no no don't look back. I woke up and remember falling asleep outaude. Watching as he watched me. I knew from then on he couldn't leave the house. Well this was 22 years and more ago. I have.felt and know a precence benwith me at all times. Through years be very kbown. Here within 3 weeks I have had a severe knight mare again and it's been 6 yrs since then . But Things are disappearing, and be in the spot it was supposed to be, like a game. I just want to let out some mental disabilaty, I am not crazy. I am not schizophrenic. I do have depression. I have been put away for talking about these things. I find I can only trust in myself and in my instincts and in my soul
  77. 77 Chris G 07 Mar
    I've had experiences as far back as I can remember, not constant, just on occasion, but, for me, it had always been "waking" up, realizing that I couldn't move or breathe and every time was on my back.  It was always a panic about not breathing and was always, as someone else had mentioned, a titanic effort to force myself out of it.  I had never seen or felt any presence until a few nights ago.  I was in bed with my fiancee and I was on my side facing her, she was on her back.  It was about 4am.  I opened my eyes and saw a being, all white, ageless and smooth with darkness for eyes hovering over her.  I couldn't move and when it saw me, it opened its mouth and unfurled a whip-like tongue.  I closed my eyes and forced out a noise that woke my fiancee.  She asked me what was wrong, I opened my eyes and everything was normal again, except I was still getting chills and felt residual terror.  I never want to experience that again.
  78. 78 Michelle 07 Mar
    I had my first experience with this the other night and i am 31. I do not believe it is a disease to do with sleep. After thinking i was crazy and reading the other comments i know for sure it was a spirit of fear trying to take over. I have never been so scared in my life. I woke up in the middle of the night, but it was like i was still asleep. I couldn't open my eyes, i couldn't open my mouth or move. I was screaming in the name of jesus, but no words would come out like my mouth was taped shut. I was shaking uncontrollably. By the time i screamed in the name of jesus the 3rd time my eyes were able to open, my mouth opened and i could move. I was looking around in the dark and i could feel the evil somewhere around. never seen anything or heard anything but i knew it was there. I started praying and casting out this evil from my room, from my house out loud and i felt a huge relief that it was gone. I was able to lay back down with my kids and went right back to sleep. I pray each night before bed and have been saved and the devil is trying to test me, but my God, my father is so much more powerful. He protects me and my kids. 
  79. 79 Daniel Moon 06 Mar
    had a dream I was in my kitchen and the lights were off in the living room as I could see a shadowy short fat figure appearing and making its way toward me, it ends up locking arms with me as I see its hideous face. it looks as though its face was deformed by fat or something it had weird line wrinkles all over it as if it were really obese or something. and then I remembered that I had a bunch of food sitting around that I wasted and thought to myself it was a demon of gluttony. another time i had a horned scaley figured demon looking thing that was really tall but it was crouching with its knees bent, looked like i saw it having hoofs, pretty sure it was a demon too. don't know what kind though. this has happened for a while after I realized demons are real. they start to attack you and its because of life choices. running doesn't get you anywhere. it's the things that you do in everyday life that attracts them, I truly believe that. I'll also mention that Jesus Christ does have power over them. you could say that's a coincidence or take it as proof god and the devil exist. big tip, don't mess with witchcraft or people who are associated with it.
  80. 80 Kyle 24 Feb
    My experience dealing with this was I could see the figure perfectly about 6 ft tall no hair or facial features it looked like a person wearing a  spandex suit. It stood by my bed for what seemed like 20 seconds before climbing up my body feet first. Once it reached my face the figure tried to pry my mouth open with one hand first starting with just a few fingers. I realized in my state this was happening and I bit down as hard as I could on a finger it felt like biting into what I could imagine would be a finger made of sand until it was bit off. Still 90% paralyzed  in my dream state it stood up and grabbed me by my shirt collar  and slid me off the bed and on to the floor then up the wall of my cement bedroom wall where it held me in place for a few seconds before it was over. What I found was weird it how exactly everything in this dream state including the room i was sleeping in was perfect down to a tee. 
  81. 81 CHOSEN 17 Feb
    If ypu have gotten here and areexperiencing this, pray to Allmighty Allah, repent your sins. Pray before bed every night the call to adhan drives away all evil spirits. Peace be on to you all
  82. 82 Nina 12 Feb
    So I’ve had this happen to me last night and this experience was...different. My husband was in the restroom around 6 am. I wasn’t sure if it was happening, because it hasn’t happened in a while so I tried to call out to my husband but I couldn’t. I usually could break out of it if I forced my hands and feet to move. Finally broke out of it and called for him. I thought I heard him walking over so I held my hand out but kept my eyes closed because I was scared. I grabbed a hand that I later realized wasn’t my husbands because the size comparaison was different. The hand I held was the size of my hand but skinner while my husbands hand barely fits in my hand if I were to 🤝. Can anybody explain this to me... has anyone else experience this??? Side note: I used to experience sleep paralysis often as a teen. I was 16 years old when I had experienced 3 months straight of sleep paralysis which left me wanting to kill myself from sleep deprivation. It dissipated once I started going to church (however, I do not attend church anymore). It completely stopped after some time after moving out of the apartment with my family where I lived since I was about 9 years of age.
  83. 83 Robert B. 10 Feb
    It's not a sleep disorder. It's something else. It's real. Demon, interdimensoinal entity, whatever it is it feeds on the fear it causes you to have. I'm not going to go into the details of my encounter but I will say I was harassed, followed and did battle with whatever it was and I won. Here's how... ANGER. When that thing has you frozen like an ice cube, you have to move. Any movement just an eye blink will break the spell, or rather it's hold on you. To do that you have to turn that fear into anger and it can 't hurt you. It's powerless in the face of anger. This one had a real hard on for me. It came back many times, it brought backup. You just have to visualize yourself as a powerful unstoppable force and it will eventually give up.  You will become sensitive to it. You will know its coming just before it strikes and ultimately, if it goes that far, be able to touch it.  Never fear. If this happens it will be afraid.  Remember, stay angry my friends.
  84. 84 Imran 10 Feb
    I experienced three episodes recently when i was sleeping;
    1) I felt something took over and made me screem with anger like in predatory aggression.  I got really anxious, i felt i had no control over me.
     2)  I felt strong force from behind pushed my soul out of my body, feeling body and soul separating and then coming back like an elastic action. 
    3} Last night, sleeping face up, magnetic force pulls me up, levitates me.  I force myself to situp and i drop, open my eyes and i am on my side.  It totally freaked me out like I was in presence of something.  I am still anxious and have a hair raising feeling.  Never has such experiences.
  85. 85 Aisha 09 Feb
    Mine did not cease with any efforts of my own to stop it. Fighting it yourself is futile. I slept with a nightlight until 20. It only stopped when I cast it out "in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST, leave this room."

    That's how you know that this is not a sleeping disorder where the devil wants you to seek pills and treatment...and not Jesus.

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." – Ephesians 6:12 
  86. 86 Soledad Munoz 05 Feb
    I refuse to believe that is a medical condition. He first experience I had was in church when my stepmother took me for the first time to church. I was probably at the end of three or at the beginning of 4 years old when in mass they were giving communion and I couldn’t go, so I saw Saint Anthony with the child Jesus holding him on his hand. I saw the child giving him a cookie and was thrown to me and I ate it. Years passed and before I do my first communion in my sleep I saw an angel bringing me the communion in a gold cup. When the time came for me to do the communion test from my doctrine’s teacher. I was afraid because I did not was able to know all my prayers by memory and when the time came a lady unknown appeared behind the teacher and was moving his lips but I was the only one who could hear her, telling me all the prayers. The woman disappeared as soon as the teacher told me that I was ready to do communion. From there on I am having good presence and bad presences. Like demons trying the best at night to stop me from praying.
  87. 87 Soledad Muñoz 05 Feb
    At night whenever I try to pray or do the rosary, I feel a bad spirit that want to grab my feet or a leg. It is very scary, I put God Almighty on my heart  and mind and do my best to move to another room while invoking God protection. Go as fast to other safe place and where there is other people and turn the light and the presence leave. I feel that the presence don’t want me to pray. I noticed that this happened a lot when people who are not living in God Grace due to the style of life they have. Like if they come with demonic presences, and they leave living this bad spirit behind. The first time my legs were pull out was when I came back from church walking but I stop at a garage sale but came out fast as soon as I noticed that there was a Satan book for sale. That night I immediately started doing to rosary and my legs feels that were pull out so that I stop the rosary. But I started to pray the Hail Marry louder and louder, then I saw that a house was in fire. The following days my husband told me that our friend house was in fire.
  88. 88 Arturo De La Cruz 03 Feb
    I had a dream while sleeping at a hotel, I was frozen and could not move, and I felt something evil coming for me so I cried out Jesus name. I then looked and saw Jesus but I was terrified
    Wenn he first appeared he was wearing a white roberand gracefully came to the head of the bed and leaned over like he was giving me a kiss. I was having problems in my life now I have the peace ofor Christ.
  89. 89 .., 27 Jan
    This is not a sleep disorder!! Its the demonic realm. Wake up people... Jesus Christ can only save us. Its not hallucinations nor a disorder. Its real as it get. Demons feed off of us. They tourture us because they hate us... Its spiritual. Our eyes do NOT see the spiritual realm..Its a spiritual warfare. Jesus name is the only thing that can truely stop it. It might sound stupid but it wont when you see how powerful that name is..Call on the name of Jesus.  God bless you.
  90. 90 Maddy 20 Jan
    ive had this happening since I was a teen, last night was the most realistic I have had but the briefest.  I really struggled to get awake and tried to bite the demon face I could see vaguely in front of me.  
    I do believe it occurs when I am over tired, unable to sleep and that it really is the quick transition from wakefulness to deep sleep.  That said it truly does appear to be a demon (lat night I saw his skinny slightly horned, smoky red face) and sometimes a ghost in bed with you, sitting on your chest, or a body leaving a heavy imprint beside you then grasping a hold of you so you can’t move anthhing and climbing on top of you las in a rape scene.  
    We’re that true, wouldn’t something (hard to believe possible) more terrifying happen next?.  Should the devil be coming to visit I’d think there’d be a plan in mind, taking us to hell for one?!? I wish there were a medication for this, I did find sleeping on my back was just increasing the chances of it happening but last night I was on my side.
  91. 91 anon 18 Jan
    I've experienced sleep paralysis several times. Some are terrifying and some aren't. I can't recall my first few experiences besides feeling utter dread every time my mother told me to take a nap at a very young age.
    I'll list what I can remember best and a few details that might be helpful.

    Once while my family and I were moving out of my childhood house. I was laying on a sleeping bag and heard our TV make a loud noise. This wasn't weird as my mom was watching a cop show at the time. I just remember feeling paralyzed. No pressure, no out of place noises and no shadowed figures. I was able to move a few minutes later.

    Another was about a month later while we were staying at a hotel. Room 113 ironically. That is the only hotel room number I've ever remembered so I know to avoid it in the future lol.
    It was around 4 or 5 in the morning and I woke up to such a loud sound I thought my ears would blow. The most accurate way I can describe it is a mix of metal scraping metal and static. After a few seconds I heard a dark voice speaking directly in my ear. Because it was so long ago I don't remember what it said but I knew the voice was at least male. The ringing continued for another few minutes and after that I didn't go back to sleep.

    While I was laying bed from our last house I remember the loud ringing but not nearly as ear piercing. I remember a woman's voice desperately saying "give it back to me." But to this day I have no idea where that came from.

    My most recent experience was last night. In between the times I've listed I've had small cases where I can wake myself up. All I ever heard was the ringing sound. In fact I knew I was in paralysis hearing that sound. It never failed. The past year I had attempted to go into sleep paralysis again after hearing it was just some explainable state the body goes into and reading about lucid dreaming that may occur after. The idea of lucid dreaming intrigued me. Controlling dreams? Living in a short fantasy almost every night? Heck yeah! But no. It never worked. I tried almost everything such as the 'wake back to bed' method and just laying still on your back for as long as possible. I tried it so often it became my regular sleep routine. I may decide to change it up after experiencing what I did last night.
    I had my wired headphones in before falling asleep so I could listen to a white noise. The video had ended right before I fell unconscious. The next thing I knew I was awoken by some loud voice coming through my headphones chanting in a language that sounded like english but I couldn't understand a word. I couldn't move at all but somehow I was about to push myself to the ceiling and knock my headphones off. As I got closer the voice got louder until they fell off my head. I sleep in a bunk so the ceiling was only a few inches away. Every article I read about sleep paralysis says it occurs right before you fall asleep or as you're waking up. This happened in the middle of the night. I'm a good sleeper, sounds almost never wake me up but this did. It was around 3 or 4 AM. I looked at my phone once being able to move again and it was on the same white noise video as before. Nothing was playing.

    Hope this helps someone.
  92. 92 Helen B 18 Jan
    This happened to me last night and why I find myself here reading other peoples experiences. I have had these frightening dreams occur about 5 or 6 times in my life started when I was 19, a demon like creature hovering over me, has sat on my chest and choked me. I have been groped by it, it has whispered in my ear, your not ready yet. Last night I literally heard this thing come up from my bedroom floor, making a hideous hellish noise, one white sheet between myself and this thing. I fight it every time, this time raising my right arm like a shield and trying to scream, and with this a bright light fills the room and it is gone and I awake. I feel totally washed out today. Last time it happened was 2 years ago. I am convinced, the body is in trouble, a cut off of blood circulation which causes it to happen. We are hovering between life and death at the time it occurs and this open a gateway between the world as we know it and something else. I don't believe it is just a simple medical explanation of rapid eye movement which causes it to happen.
  93. 93 Nicole 11 Jan
    I just experienced it just now right at the moment when Im about to wake up I know I was waking up my eyes are open and then I suddenly heard some kind of whispers so loud that I can't even understand and I can't move it lasted for only a minute.
  94. 94 Diana 08 Jan
    Honestly this is the reason why I never would watch scary movies that were based on a true story. This happened to me for the first time.. laying down next to my boyfriend who was sound asleep.. I couldn’t sleep.. tossing and turning, & it wasn’t super late either .. maybe 1 A.M.? If that ... I’m laying there wide awake & all of a sudden I had this sensation throughout my body.. I tensed up.. couldn’t move .. couldn’t speak ... couldn’t even move my fingers to make a fist or anything.. I tried to turn over to wake my boyfriend up, but I couldn’t ... I could not move a muscle .. I tried screaming, I couldn’t scream ... I tried saying his name, but I couldn’t .. I tried saying HELP.. But couldn’t .. it was so faint as if I was gasping for air almost ... I was panicking... only thing I was able to move was my eyeballs... I could blink and they could move around to look at the room .. but just I was paralyzed.. I thought I was dying ... I started praying inside of my head ... I was so scared that even when it passed I just turned over and prayed some more .. I’m honestly petrified & it does sound crazy but it’s so real it’s not even a joke... what I don’t get is that I was wide awake .. how does this thing happen when you’re awake .. it’s a demonic entity & I knew that when it was happening .. I felt it .. i hope this doesn’t happen ever again.. we’re going to do a cleansing ASAP .. because other events have been occurring as well
  95. 95 Mary Cano 07 Jan
    Its been happening to me for years, it just happened last night. I thought it was my cat this time crawling into my bed. I felt my husbands hand on my mouth and I could not bteathe something heavy on me I tried screaming for help hoping someone would hear me. It does also happen all the time when I sleep on my side its terrifying I can't move something heavy on my back I pray the Our Father many times and it stops and I know sleep my back against my hubby, but it still happens a sensation someone else is in the bed I even feel the bed gets sunk in like someone is sitting next to me. I need help I am so scared to go to sleep! God help all of us❤
  96. 96 iemaima 03 Jan
    This is happen to me mostly of time that this bad spirit visit me while I am sleep but never pay attentions to it cause I know is not for real, except last night 1/2/19 I slept on my bed and I am about to fall asleep and finally I felt my blanket is about to move away from me, I was awake and say to myself I will wait and see what this bad spirit try to do to me, I felt the spirit was lay heavy on me and I start scream and say Please God take this evil spirit away from me, repeat many times and start say my prayers but same time I cant open my mouth and say loud.  I was very angry and i was hope I can solve my own problem, then talked to my coworker and say it is bad spirit and i need to pray before sleep everynight.  I still have this anger on me why this thing are not stay whereever they belongs, instead of going to people that try to live their lives.  There is must an explantions, but thank God almighty that he is there for all of us.  thanks

  97. 97 Maddalena Di Gregorio 30 Nov
    In my family, myself, my mom and one of my sisters have all had this experience. I had it for many years and it is very much as many before me have described. Honestly have never quite decided whether it was paranormal or not. I'm glad it doesn't happen any longer. However I now no longer remember my dreams as a result, it seems. I used to remember all my dreams and have 16 yrs of dream diaries.
  98. 98 Sharon Sandlin 24 Nov
    Several times I have felt the cat jump on my bed and snuggle next to my legs only to look down at the bottom of the bed to find nothing there. I also rolled over to find of all things a person resembling the dough boy standing over my bed. Both events are scary.
    Being a Christian, I know things that frighten me is of the devil so I quoted the verse 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind". When I walk into my room now, I say that verse and tell any spirits that might be lingering "You have no power over me, you are not welcome here. You will leave in the name of Jesus." Almost always, this works. I occasionally have to through that verse out there and again command him to leave.
    It might seems strange, but I do know that God's word is true and Satan or demons cannot stand up to His word. It may seem strange, but I can assure you God's word is the only thing that can keep bad spirits at bey. At lease in my case.
  99. 99 Wendy 20 Nov
    I believe many of these experiences are paranormal. I have never had an episode in my life and I’m a 54 year old woman. My boyfriend and I went on vacation and stayed in an old cabin in MN. I thought everything was fine until I woke up at 3 am to hear walking across the kitchen and to see a very tall thin man or being creeping into our bedroom and creeping up on my side of the bed between the wall and bed peering at me. I was absolutely frozen with fear and was trying to scream to wake up my boyfriend. All I could do was making choking sounds. When I did that the being quickly left the room. My boyfriend woke because he heard me making sounds of trying to scream. Everything was very real and I knew exactly were I was and that I needed to wake up my boyfriend. I have never been so terrified. I tried to tell myself it was some kind of terrifying nightmare. Then the next night I woke again at 3 am to feel pressure on my chest and saw a dark entity in my face. As it would come closer to my face I heard and felt energy like a sound I can’t describe. It came closer to my face twice and again I was trying to scream because I knew I had to wake my boyfriend. He heard me making noises again and woke up and the entity left. I have never experienced anything like this in my life before or since. The cabin was built in the 20s so even though it was updated it was old. I had no preconceived ideas that I was afraid to stay there or anything. This was a haunting plain and simple. There was paranormal activity going on there so I don’t believe all these sleep paralysis episodes are purely a biological phenomenon 
  100. 100 Dawn 15 Nov
    This is not "sleep paralysis" or any medical condition. It is a demonic entity taking your energy. I have experienced this and it's terrifying! My kids also have had it, all while living in a certain house where countless unexplainable occurances happened. Our experiences ended when we moved out!
  101. 101 Sheri Cummings 31 Oct
    I have had this several times throughout my life from early twenties to thirties. All of them evil and terrifying. Heart pounding and eminent danger. Mostly auditory whispers of small beings in my ear, moanings of several which sounded like from hell.. I am curious as to why they are always terrifying in content? Has anyone climaxed from the pressure on body? Any positive experiences. Do you suppose it has to do with the nature of adrenaline and the flight or fight response? I will say that first time it happened with being whispering in ear I was drinking heavily and thought for years was alcohol induced psychosis. Or yes, alien visitation.. I feel because of sleep paralysis I have experienced a little hell and decidedly it is not for me.. lol 

  102. 102 Nightmare lady 29 Oct
    It just happens twice in an hour my gf was having a sleep over her friend was there and her friends mother who had a dog I felt I could not move. I was wearing  a night cap over my eyes in my dream but once I felt the fright I kept trying to take it off but one became two and so on I could not see oncevi could see I realized I could not move  I opened the house door to escape a creepy woman long black hair just parallel  to her breast walks out the door leaving the house I had just left only to start laughing oddly with her dog following oh shut the door went inside to see her ghostly friend eyes fogged out like some blind person and I looked out the rainy window to see flashing  lights of police and ems with a body on a stretcher I finally woke up. The second time  very recent after I doze off again my arm is under my gf  mind we just had a baby boy born on the 21st if this month. Back to the dream we were some where in the maternity ward and i was suddenly  alone by myself I turn to the right to see a woman long black hair like before  wearing a hospital gown holding a baby I then look at her arm and notice puncture wounds from needles I grab her arm to see if she is ok and I all of a sudden realize I can't wake she turned to me and I will never forget this sense of being totally frozen and paralyzed in my dream she was ugly her hair covered  her face I can't remember I think she grabbed  my arm restraining escape
  103. 103 Augustine 27 Oct
    this thing is a demon
  104. 104 Bhaskar 21 Oct
    I encounter this unpleasant thing quite often, I have had different types of experiences including:
    - Someone pushing me down hard into the bed while sleeping.
    - Someone choking me so heavily that I felt like crying and had acute pain in my throat even after waking.
    - Someone kicking me down from bed.
    - Someone sitting on my chest.
    Every time it happens I am unable to move or talk. I start praying to god and then it would leave me. If any of you know any solution or can give any information, please email me at
  105. 105 annette 18 Oct
    i to had these since about the age of 25. I always felt like i was going to stop breathing, because of the weight on my back.As i got older i could tell when it was going to happen and always tried to see what was on me but could not open my eyes.I tried to turn my head with all my might and the saw a dark shadow figure that time i was able to get my eyes to stay opened.I started to pray  over and over again and just like that it was gone.JUST START PRAYING WHEN IT HAPPENS.Even though you cant speak pray in your head.I am 58 now and it has not happened for about ten years now.I always felt like it was the devil one time i even heard whispering or like chanting it as so scary.Remember JUST PRAY!
  106. 106 Floyd 16 Oct
    Yeah I'm happy cuz I was thinking I'm the only one whoho cursed by this sundrome. Oh God I feel like something heavy on my chest and I can't move and scream, I was seeing birds, my self moving to ask help and when I get the help I find out myself still asleep and I see my tries over and over and I cry and then finally when I wake up  I saw a big glowing spidee
  107. 107 senette 13 Oct
    The very first time was when I was 11. I felt like I was held down and surrounded by moonlighted figures and 1 I remember clearly by the foot of the bed and the image seemed to be a male presence who was bald. 2nd time was this past summer, 2018, at a friends house in the master bedroom. Where I was sleeping on the bed which was left there from the original owner many years ago. Now it happened in Oct,10th 2018 in my bedroom in Florida but this time it grabbed my hands and scratched my left hand with long pointy fingernails. I couldn't move or scream loud. I have a tiny scab on my middle finger from this event. This time I am so spooked... I did see moonlighted images again around me.
  108. 108 Sophie 26 Sep
    I have had the feeling of immobilisation occur throughout my life. However, I can recall not too long ago an episode and the recurrance of that same experience a week or so later, finally followed by three episodes in one night...
    I was sleeping on my back each time but each time it happened it was as though it was building up to when there was three in the same night. That night in particular, my boyfriend fell asleep on the sofa downstairs while I had fallen asleep upstairs in his bed (on my back and fully clothed). The first time I fell asleep, the evil like demon made his appearance but I never saw him it was always an overwhelming feeling of energy... also his name was Neil, which I established in an earlier episode and it seemed to always be the same demon. So Neil appeared and was piling objects on to my throat which disabled my speed and I was unable to move while desperately trying to and like somebody else commented, I tried so hard to scream that I thought at somepoint I heard the faintest of sound come from me. 
    Anyway, as I forced my way out of this I eventually woke up and ran to the stairs calling my boyfriend to come up to bed (which he didn’t).. so I hopped back in to bed well not in to but on top of the covers still clothed and fell back asleep. 
    This time, Neil not only weighted my throat, he - what felt like - clothed me. Now I have heard of a demon undressing somebody but never dressing them so at this point I realised I was fully back in this state and aware I had woken up from it not long before so I tried to play this to my advantage and tell him I wasn’t scared. I suddenly woke up but I was terrified and noticing my boyfriend was still not beside me, for a second time I went to the top of the stairs and shouted for him. 
    So for a third time I stumbled back to the bed and this time I got comfortable and took off my tracksuit bottoms because by this time I was also dripping with sweat. I fell back to sleep and knowing straight away I was being weighted again and again knowing I had previously woken up, I took control and felt Neil drift into the spare bedroom and taunt me from behind the walls. I could now speak, whether or not I was actually speaking out loud I have no idea but I was shouting at him to come to me as I was curious and as I looked beside me (still not awake) my boyfriend sat up and grabbed my arm holding it so tightly and stared at me with luminating red eyes and said in a possessed voice “It’s Neil, he’s here. It is him”. This was the moment I immediately woke up and surprise surprise, my boyfriend wasn’t there. 
    Obviously I then started crying and screamed for him to come to bed and not stopping until he did. I told him what had happened straight away and about him being possessed and as I told him that final part, the biggest volt of lightening outside occurred and it wasnt even raining or thunder to my recollection that night.
    Crazy! I haven’t heard from Neil since but he definitely was real, it was not a nightmare. I grew up suffering from nightmares from the age of six to fourteen. These episodes were not nightmares. 
    (P.s sorry if I bored anybody :|)
  109. 109 Cheryl 25 Sep
    Happened to me minutes ago...I won't go back to sleep. I fell asleep in my recliner on my left side. I remember aeeing the room get instantly black which is odd seeing the street lights outside shine through. This happened once before so it was like I knew what was about to happen. All of a sudden it's like this force spun me onto my back and was holding me down. I couldn't speak or move but I tried to fight it off but it was so strong. I was clawing and trying to push it off but it seemed almost like a squishy feeling everytime I tried to use force against it like it caved in on itself before it got even stronger. Then it felt like something was going into my left side by my stomach and was oh so very painful. All I could manage to do was say a prayer to myself in my head. Finally it released me and I sprung off that chair like it was on fire. I never sleep on my back!! So it can happen even while sleeping on your side
  110. 110 Brandon Austin 11 Sep
    I just had a weird thing happen just a couple of seconds ago I felt like i was being squeezed like a women wrapping her inter body around me and squeezing my body I also felt like I was being sexualy assualted cause it just wasnt around my chest it was around my inter body my man hood fwlt like it was being squeezed and I couldnt breath I wake up i look to my left I see a small figure it was a outline it looked like a man with a tigers head it started to glow gold .
  111. 111 Brandy 26 Oct
    It's crazy to see all these comments. I too have experienced this a few times in my life however I've never seen an old hag. I've experienced being held down while on my stomach @ 3:12-3:18am.
    I've slept on my stomach and felt as if someone was choking me in the middle of the afternoon. I've felt something grab my leg in the middle of the night. And the most recent of events while sleeping on my back I woke up to feeling a weight on the end of my bed (thought it was my toddler about to get into my bed with my husband and i) I went to move my leg and realized what was happening as I laid there it felt as if something crawled up my body laying on me and laying it's head between mine and my husband's. It was whispering something but I couldn't understand. When it stopped I was weak as ever it was 3:48am. The last episode I had was a couple days ago I was laying on my side facing my husband and I could tell it was about to happen I tried waking my husband but failed something felt like it crawled in our bed and laid straight behind me. So it don't happen if u only lay on your back as I've had it happen a lot in every position it is real and it is scary. I'd say if this is happening all the time to someone and it feels evil id research spirit attachments. But that's just me
  112. 112 Jorge 09 Oct
    I have had this happen few times each time the presence got closer. Was a shadowy fig the first two times and 3rd time it was on my bed. I never was believer in supernatural, but the last time really shook me. I cannot forget the old grey be haired demon hag and only seeing this a world wide phenomenon does not make me feel any better nor safer...on contrary. 
  113. 113 Bill 27 Sep
    I had several episodes many years ago, but the memories are so vivid.  In one, I was sleeping on the couch in my parent's home one Sunday morning after delivering papers.  My eyes opened and I saw the room, but I could not move or speak.  From another room a strange woman entered and walked across the floor.  I tried to speak, but couldn't make a sound.  The terror was overwhelming.  I told myself I need to move and after what seemed to be a titanic struggle, I did and woke up.  The same exact thing happened a second time, and I don't think I was able to wake myself up.  I don't recall how the situation resolved.  Nothing like it has happened in almost 50 years ... thank goodness!
  114. 114 Doug 18 Sep
    It ha been awhile, since Ive had an episode. They used to be quite frequent when I was using drugs. athe drugs may not have had anything to do with it. But the sleep paralysis happened as I was about to sleep , Never upon awakening. I sometimes lay on my stomach to sleep. One night I was on my stomach while going through an episode. Not only could I not move, but found it very dofficult to breathe because of the way I was laying. I could see my wife beside me and I tried to call out for her to help. It was the most frightening and helpless I have ever been.

  115. 115 James 17 Sep
    I have a lot of frequent paralyzing nightmares including the OLD HAG.
    There's got to be someone out there who can help explaine this disturbing phenomena.

  116. 116 Brian 04 Sep
    I had a dream about an old woman and woke up and couldn't move I tried to scream for help but couldn't and the second before I could move I saw a tall shadow that was like a man on the ceiling,  dude, to make a shadow on the ceiling you've got to be huge, but it was backing away. And then it was normal again I could talk and move. This is not the first time that this has ever happened to me but it is the first time I've ever seen something. Please someone tell me what I need to do to fix this. Im a Muslim and i already made a invocation for protection from the shaytaan but is this gonna keep happening is this gonna get worse? Now Im seeing this thing, what's next? My email is someone tell me what to do serious real real advice only please this is not fake experience Im scared,
  117. 117 Georgeann Phillips 30 Aug
    This just happened to me tonight right now as I text I have all the lights. On first it was on my puppy she kept jumping in her sleep wich is unusual I then picked her up and put her in her room she slept fine I then went back to my room fell right asleep next thing you know I'm being held down by the neck o fought and fought finally got strength to get up cut on all lights and say a prayer and this is happening right now I googled this started reading and now texting my experience as of now I'm up afraid to go back to sleep with all lights burning 
  118. 118 Dino Hajdarevic 26 Aug
     I'm 27 it happens once in a while. Ii always try to fight it and can't. One time I screamed and it actually worked and woke up everyone in my house scared them to death.. I found out it only happens when you are laying on your back. If you lay on your side it won't happen and goes away. 
  119. 119 joselin 22 Aug
    The year 2014 thru 2016, I have had constant sleep paralysis, but the one that scared me the most is when I saw an old lady in my room. It was about 5 or 6 in the morning when i saw her. She was wearing a black gown and a black veil as well. Her nails were very long and she was very wrinkly and thin, pale white skin. At first she was in my closet, i got scared I tried to scream or move, but I couldn't, so i could only close my eyes, so I did to see if she would go away. I counted to ten and i open them again she was still there. She kept coming closer, so i closed my eyes and told myself this is not true, stop overthinking, counted to 20 and open them again. Once i open my eyes she was laying right next to me and she smile, my mind was telling me she was friendly lady, but my heart was racing so fast. Finally when i closed my eyes and open them she vanish and i could finally get up from bed. I ran to the kitchen and told my mom of what had happened and she told me it was evil that was trying to catch my soul. I needed to pray every night so it wouldn't happen and that's what i did. Since then I haven't had sleep paralysis in along time.
  120. 120 Lauren 21 Aug
    im 31, have experienced the old hag syndrome since I was 18. The first time it happened it felt like a suction all over my body, i woke up from a dream where an Asian lady in a white dress with her arms out said ,"this is what happens when you let the spirits into your dreams" I tried falling off the bed thinking it will stop the vacuum like suction all over my body but I couldn't move. One time when I felt the suction on my body it felt like I was being sucked into my closet, to the point where I was almost standing on my feet but instead was hovering. I used to try to scream "go away" but couldn't get any words out. The more times I experience the old hag , the easier it was for me to say "go away". I never could quite scream it even though that was what I tried to do. It happened last night , I was on my side & felt a evil entity staring at the back of my head. Right when I felt the old familiar suction I woke up and kicked my legs. It stopped. Closed my eyes again , felt the suction. Kicked my legs and it stopped. Happened again .. I heard two girls in the other room as if the wall was paper thin. I heard a sneeze.  For some reason I looked at my closet and got scared.. Turned around and everything was better .  It always ONLY happens when I'm alone. I've shared apartments with friends and boyfriends and never once has it happened when they were there. 
  121. 121 Darci Johns 08 Aug
    I am 52 and my brother is 47, he moved into a home that was over 100 years old, and started experiencing these horrific feelings of "something" crawling up his body, from the legs up, all the while unable to move his body AT ALL, except for his eyes. He could see the black figure with red eyes and it began choking him with it's very large arms and hands!!  Terrified and unsure what to do the first 2 times, he then began praying to the Virgin Mary, saying the Rosary, and the Lords Prayer. He has since sold that house and moved to another city, but they still happen but using his Prayer, this "Evil Thing" will subside, but it does follow him within the NEW home, he can FEEL it!!  I have been staying here for a week, and had forgotten about the episodes that he shared with me. BUT, last night, I fell asleep in his room, my cell phone beside me, I woke up, he was in my room sleeping so I just went back to where I was and lay down to try to return to my slumber...I WAS WIDE AWAKE, laying on my left side and this feeling of COMPLETE FEAR, was running from the inside of my body out, in waves!!  I tried to shake it, but the more that i did that, the less control that I started having over my movement!! I was trying to text or call my niece (in the next room) but soon I couldn't hold my phone, I was trying to scream but NOT ONE sound would come out of my mouth!! I SOON remembered my brothers encounters, and could faintly whisper "GIT" and began the Lords Prayer. The heavy feeling dissipated, (It was probably a 30 minute episode) I was still afraid & trembling but with the Grace of God, easily able to fall asleep. I remember every second of that frightening event!!!  I have been up for 5 hours, my brother at work & niece asleep...HAVE BEEN SITTING OUTSIDE!!!  I do not know how to rest assured that this will NEVER happen to me AGAIN!!!  Any Suggestions???!!!
  122. 122 Afia 14 Jul
    I ve been exepriencing odd events since I was only 7... One whole month very year would have been like hell since being only a child. I always felt the presence of someone right next to my bed but the most horrifying moment was when I used to wake up at 5 o clock due to prayer time then went back to bed... in that moment I d feel someone coming to my room an evil prensence which would bother me and would nt let me sleep by unabling my body from moving I could nt even scream... and then a sickening pain like electricity would affect me starting from the brain to body muscles it was as if someone was hitting me by tying me down also he would tried to have sexual activities... the pain was every time unbearable. Then I would have tried to hit the presence with my leg or arm  to make him go .... it was a very very tall figure entirely black and red eyes... if someone would help me giving me more info about these events Id appreciate it! :)
  123. 123 Jake 03 Jul
    I had sleep paralysis for about 4 years through high school. I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to move or make any noise.  I would see the silhouette of a woman in the door way.  Then by my bed.  Then on my chest.  She would sit there, shaking me and it felt like she was trying to choke me.  Then it would end.  It happened 3-4 times a week for 4 years...  It stopped when I met my wife and she began sleeping in my bed. 
  124. 124 Riitta 29 Jun
    I had these demon attaces for years and got rid of them by shouting in mind in dream that i believe in Jesus Christ victory. And the demon that i saw left and it was defeted at once. And it hatet me. But i had fun because i noticed that i had full controll with these words. 

    Finally it left for for ever. I got it disturping because i had something occultish things in my life.
  125. 125 Donna Scott 10 Jun
    If this happens once can it happen again I thought I was crazy till I saw the movie called dead awake and looked this up I have been threw this once before can it happen again can it happen on small children 
  126. 126 Melisa 15 May
    For the verry young age of  5,maby younger 
    But from what I remember it began when I experienced a
    High fever do to a ear mother had put me dowen to sleep...I was on the couch so her room wasn't so I began to fall asleep I began to feel tinggelling 
    On my head and arm's,then it felt like all my hair was gone,and felt like tiny needels were growing from my I was trying to touch my head,my arms were unable to move followed by a feeling that my arms were so
    Skinny,like twigs that would break if I tryed to move....I was
    Completely awake...I was trying to scream,but no sound would come the same time this was happening,I can hear a women hag like,screaming at me saying....
    IM GOING TO GET YOU....over,and over...she was laughing the most evil cackle...I cold hear myself in my mind...screaming for my mother...MOM!!...MOM!..AS this
    Hag was mocking me!...the more I would move the louder
    The screaming would become .I didn't not feel the choking as other's would,but it was just the same as horrifying!
    The feelings I would experience on my body are not explainable...for some reson I was to embarest to tell anyone...this would happen to me for at least twice a month until the age of 17,that's when I decided to speak to my doctor...I told him the same story I had just now..he says it was hallucinations duo to a high fever.....but I wasn't sick all thouse year' 30 years old and just found out a few weeks back about old hag syndrome...
    And I was baffled!!has this been what was happening all these years?
  127. 127 Ankita Mishra 09 May
    Happened last night. Have been experiencing this from quite a young age. And I am 23 now. The experiences have been staying for longer duration these days, like for around 45 mins. It's an extremely painful struggle. Earlier it was for around 15 mins at max and not as frequent as it is these days. 
    I don't feel any dead weight on me, earlier i used to feel someone else's presence in the room but that isn't there anymore either. I just feel helplessly immobile.  Sometimes i want to give in to the situation and stop struggling but after a few seconds my body involuntarily fights back coz it feels like i am sinking into another portal and that i will die. Someday i will entirely give in and see what happens. I guess the body will just wake itself up on its own. It's just the brain immobilizing the muscles during sleep so that we do not act out our dreams and somewhere there occurs a slight lapse of synchronization between the mind and body when we wake up.
  128. 128 Phil Legault 17 Apr
    I have experienced this from a very young age, does not matter what position I sleep in. I'm 59, just happened last night.
  129. 129 Blake Cooper 08 Feb
    i had this happen several times from the time i was about 14. its one of the scariest feelings you can imagine. i use to hallucinate also. There is nothing quite like it.
  130. 130 Jason 27 Jan
    I used to suffer from it. Then I stopped sleeping on my back, and it stopped. It is a horrifying event, accompanied by a feeling of absolute terror, at least for me. If you suffer from it, stop sleeping on your back!
  131. 131 Tom Herrera 04 Dec
    happening to me since i was 3 or 4 yrs old.... I'm 32 now.
  132. 132 Aliya Shahum 06 Apr
    Its so sad to know people out there have such horrible hallucinations and cant sleep ever night, we should do something about it!