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RLS risk higher with history of obstructive lung disease, estrogen use

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  • Restless legs syndrome

American Academy of Sleep Medicine  |  Apr 24, 2012
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A history of obstructive lung disease nearly tripled the risk of restless leg syndrome in a recent study group. The risk of restless leg syndrome was 2½ times higher for patients using estrogen.

The study looked at 535 health records from Tucson. The records were part of another project looking at sleep disordered breathing and heart disease. But researchers also used the information to determine a 1.7 percent incidence of restless leg syndrome in these patients. And people with obstructive lung disease were 2.8 times more likely to develop restless leg syndrome.

The restless leg syndrome was associated with insomnia and increased sleepiness. The study appears in the April issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Restless leg syndrome results in a strong urge to move the legs. It often comes with other uneasy feelings deep inside the legs. Lying or sitting still can be very hard. Learn more about restless leg syndrome or locate an accredited sleep center near you to assist with restless leg syndrome or other sleep disorders.

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  1. 1 Maelle 10 Nov
    Christopher, I can completely idtfeiny with what you are feeling! I have now been off from work for 4 weeks-and I have spent most of it doing nothing (e.g., sitting on the couch, looking at nothing reading the same page again and again looking at the computer and not being able to decide what to look at or what to do). I have no energy to do anything, even the things I enjoy. I don't really want to see anyone or talk to anyone, but I also know that isolating myself is probably not good either. When people offer to help, I get annoyed, I think because I don't know how they could help. Could someone else make up my mind for me about what TV show to watch? Could someone else decide if I am hungry? Could someone else go ahead and take a shower and wash my hair for me? Could someone else concentrate on the book I am reading? It feels a bit like you are adrift on a ship you can see things going on all around you, but you can't really participate or get to them-if you happen to float near them, then maybe you can join or pay attention but if it requires physical, mental, or emotional effort, than forget it. Aileen is right it will be hard to know when he needs pushing, when he needs, sympathy, and when he just needs rest. Aileen should talk to Joseph (who can sympathize with her) and I will sympathize with Christopher. Just today, the doctor told me it will be another two weeks before he will consider approving my return to work. Not feeling well for an extended period of time takes a toll on everyone-physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel your pain !