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New sleep apnea and oral appliance guidelines drafted: Send in your comments

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  • oral appliance therapy

American Academy of Sleep Medicine  |  Feb 09, 2015
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The AASM requests your comments on draft guidelines for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring with oral appliances. The AASM and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine are looking for comments on this paper from anyone with an interest in oral appliance therapy or sleep apnea treatments who wish to submit their feedback. This can include:

  • AASM members
  • AADSM members
  • Nonmember health care professionals
  • Patients
  • Insurance and oral appliance companies
  • Advocacy groups
  • Professional medical societies

This comment period is part of a new guideline development process that the AASM has adopted based on recommendations by the Institute of Medicine. The public comment period is open from Monday, February 9 through Monday, February 23.

All recommendations are still in draft form and may change when the final document is published. Therefore these recommendations should not yet be copied, disseminated or implemented.

A task force will review and consider each comment before submitting the guideline for approval from the AASM and AADSM Board of Directors.

Please download the Executive Summary and Submit a Public Comment Disclosure Form to