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Enroll in free online event to learn about sleep deprivation

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By Thomas Heffron  |  Oct 17, 2017
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The University of Michigan is hosting a new “Teach-Out,” Sleep Deprivation: Habits, Solutions, and Strategies, which begins Monday, Oct. 23. The free, online learning experience is open to participants from around the world.

The Teach-Out will enable you to learn about the epidemic of sleep deprivation through videos, podcasts, discussions and interviews with faculty experts. By enrolling you will:  

  • Learn how sleep works, why it is important, and what are bad sleep habits
  • Hear solutions you can start immediately to sleep better for the rest of your life
  • Understand strategies to help family and friends improve their sleep
  • Learn to advocate for the sleep health of your community

A Teach-Out is a short, online learning experience, focused on a specific current issue. It is interactive and multimodal, and it can be absorbed at your leisure, at the times and places that suit you best.

Attendees of this Teach-Out will come together over a few days to learn about sleep deprivation and gain skills that are often overlooked in other settings. Discussion boards, self-assessments, and a way to track your newly improved sleep habits will be made available.  Like all Teach-Outs, this one on sleep deprivation is open to the world, bringing together individuals who have wide-ranging perspectives to engage in respectful and thoughtful conversation.

This event is an opportunity for diverse learners and a multitude of experts to ask questions of one another and explore new solutions to a pressing, basic challenge for our modern, global community: how to get a good night’s sleep.

Learn more and enroll today in the Sleep Deprivation Teach-Out.


  1. 1 Ange 06 Jan
    I have terrible sleep. Sometimes I am up all night. 
  2. 2 Ernesto 08 Nov
    I have trouble sleeping just a little sleep and this is affecting my physical performance, my mental functioning, my social life and my relationships.
  3. 3 Jim 11 Nov
    Delores: it looks like there are 10 specialists close to you:
  4. 4 Dolores Seabra 07 Nov
    Sleep deprivation has made my life unbearable. I feel debilitated,  I can’t function, have panic attacks and find myself thinking negative thoughts constantly. I would like information for a sleep center near me. Please.
    NJ 07021