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  • Time change: raising insomnia awareness on nation’s most sleep deprived day

    Mar 06 2014...
    The national rate of car accidents, heart attacks and lost workplace productivity may spike Monday, coinciding with the first weekday following the “spring forward” time change. As we enter the final weeks of winter, we look forward to the extra hour of evening sunlight that the return to daylight saving time brings, at the expense of an hour of weekend sleep. “Black Monday” brings a shock to the nation’s circadian system as millions of Americans experience acute insomnia from the time change.

    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is using this particularly difficult Monday to help raise awareness of insomnia. The AASM is declaring March 10 as Insomnia Awareness Day to remind people with insomnia that help is available at a local AASM accredited sleep center. READ MORE>>
  • Study links untreated sleep apnea to fatigue in MS patients

    Feb 20 2014...
    Untreated sleep apnea may be contributing to MS patients’ debilitating fatigue. Findings from a new study show that people with MS have a heightened risk for sleep apnea. Patients with MS who have fatigue or any of the other common symptoms of sleep apnea should be evaluated for the sleep disorder.

    The study, which was published in the February issue of Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, looked at the prevalence of sleep apnea in MS patients.

    More than half of the MS patients included in the study had symptoms which indicated a high risk for sleep apnea. One out of every five had already been diagnosed with the sleep disorder. READ MORE>>
  • Stop Snoring: sleep disorders, tests and treatments related to snoring

    Feb 12 2014...
    Snoring is more than a strain on relationships - it can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a serious health condition. If you are a heavy snorer or think you have sleep apnea, the The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that you visit a board-certified sleep physician at an AASM-Accredited Sleep Center. View this article for more information on the sleep disorders, tests and treatments related to snoring. READ MORE>>
  • The ideal Valentine's Day gift: a partner who snores no more

    Feb 11 2014...
    Roses, candy or a candlelit dinner are nice, if uninspired romantic gestures that many of us fall back on during Valentine's Day. Rather than giving another forgettable gift, consider a lifestyle change that will benefit both you and your partner: gaining control of your snoring.

    On Wednesday, Feb. 2, AASM President Dr. M. Safwan Badr will be educating couples on how to reduce their snoring for a better night's sleep and improved help. You and your partner are invited to participate in this pre-Valentine's Day Twitter party, Bring your questions about snoring and sleep to Twitter at 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday and use the hashtag #StopSnoring. READ MORE>>
  • Dream Animals: Book review

    Feb 10 2014...
    How do children get to dreamland? It’s an intriguing question for curious little minds. Thankfully, Emily Winfield Martin has the answer in her debut picture book, Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey.

    In delicate rhyme she describes “animals from long ago and twice as far away.” These gentle creatures make their home in the stars until children close their eyes and “snuggle in” to bed. Then the animals drift down to earth and carry children to their dreams. READ MORE>>
  • AASM doctors to answer your questions about sleep and depression

    Feb 06 2014...
    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is teaming with PBS NewsHour on Thursday to educate patients about sleep and its link to depression. In February, two studies published in the journal SLEEP looked at how poor sleep increases your risk of depression. Two AASM physicians, Dr. Timothy I. Morgenthaler and Dr. Nathaniel Watson will be on hand to answer your questions.

    The chat will be held on Thursday, February 6, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST. To participate, use the Twitter hashtag #NewsHourChats and follow @AASMOrg. READ MORE>>
  • Running to sleep: Pictures of life

    Jan 15 2014...
    Smiling joggers and sleepers are everywhere - at least in stock photos. But are these pictures true to life? Maybe for some. But for others, these idealized images hide the struggles and frustrations of everyday life.

    What caption would you give to the picture of your sleep? READ MORE>>
  • What to do when you can't sleep

    Jan 03 2014...
    When you can't sleep, physicians recommend that you get out of bed and spend some time doing a quiet, relaxing activity until you are tired. Many of the things that you may do during the daytime or evening (watching tv, using your tablet or phone, etc) may make you feel more alert, so falling asleep may be difficult. So what can you do instead? David Neubauer, MD, a sleep physician at Johns Hopkins shares the recommendations that he gives to patients.

  • Top 5 sleep stories of the year: 2013

    Dec 30 2013...
    As 2013 comes to an end, we take a look back at our top sleep-related stories of the year. Which articles on received the most views in 2013?

    The top topics included capsule hotels in Japan, the risk of sleep apnea among football players, sleep-tracking gadgets, and sleeping well during the summer. Take a look to see what topic reached No. 1 in our end-of-the-year countdown. READ MORE>>
  • Sleep soundly with white noise in the bedroom

    Dec 27 2013...
    A silent bedroom is not always the best environment for a good night's sleep. Sudden sounds from your home or from outside are more likely to interrupt your sleep when your bedroom is too quiet. 

    David Neubauer, MD, a sleep physician at Johns Hopkins, advises his patients to pay attention to the noises in your bedroom. In the video below, he explains how you can improve your sleep with white noise in your bedroom.