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CPAP Titration Study - Follow-up

On rare occasions, a CPAP titration study may fail to find the right pressure to treat your sleep apnea. In these cases, you may need a variable pressure device instead of continuous pressure. The sleep physician may recommend a second titration study or ask you to use an APAP. These devices are similar to CPAP except the air pressure is set automatically. A memory chip stores the data for the sleep physician to review. Changes in pressure and device type may be needed during the first few months of treatment.

Sometimes the CPAP titration study may not determine your ideal set-up. If you have problems with the masks, straps, pressure or air temperature of your machine, contact your sleep physician as soon as possible. He may suggest a new mask, a machine that provides variable pressure or a heated humidifier to make your treatment more comfortable. A nasal spray may help CPAP users with nasal congestion problems. Always talk to your sleep medicine physician before making any changes to your treatment.

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