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Patient Support

AAHSLogo-SmallThe American Alliance for Healthy Sleep (AAHS) is a patient-focused membership organization. It provides support services and advocacy for patients with all sleep disorders. The AAHS helps to improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders. Its work is powered by collaboration between patients and health care providers. The AAHS was established in 2017 by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The AAHS offers several areas of support for patients with sleep disorders:


The AAHS delivers up-to-date coverage of news affecting the sleep community. Topics covered include recent research findings, regulatory changes affecting the provision of sleep care, and new events or programs benefiting sleep patients. The AAHS connects members to other sleep-related organizations. It also provides updates on opportunities to participate in sleep research.

Support Services

The AAHS website informs members about financial assistance programs and support groups. The site includes the AAHS Parents’ Corner. It has resources for parents of a child with a sleep disorder. It also has healthy sleep information that can benefit all families.

The AAHS online community forum enables members to encourage and learn from one another. The AAHS welcomes all points-of-view and encourages dialogue between patients and providers.


The main priority of the AAHS is to improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders. Advocacy plays a key role in this process. The AAHS leads advocacy initiatives on issues affecting the sleep community. It also helps members contact their own legislators.

Patients can utilize AAHS resources to influence policy that affects their health and well-being. The AAHS continually provides new resources and services to improve and enhance the lives of patients with sleep disorders.

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