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Beds/ Mattresses/ Pillows/ Massage Chairs 

Instant Comfort® Sleep Lab Bed 


Instant Comfort® 6 and 8 Series sleep lab beds provide a unique advancement for sleep centers by pairing consumer-grade features with medical-grade components.

Our sleep lab beds are air-adjustable number beds with 45 levels of soft/firm comfort settings. The memory foam layer absorbs and dissipates heat by utilizing ThermaPhase Gel™, providing an ideal temperature all night long. Combine with our power base for head and foot angle adjustments, optimal patient comfort, and better sleep.

Instant Comfort sleep lab beds offer advanced medical-grade features as well: a durable, wipe-down top cover is easy to clean and disinfect for improved infection control. No more quilted top covers that absorb fluids, odors, and colors. Durable components allow for a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. to accommodate bariatric patients. These components can be upgraded or replaced by Sizewise technicians. If one part wears out—it can be repaired without the purchase of an entirely new system.