28 04, 2021

Healthy sleep is vital to children’s well-being

2021-04-29T18:58:25+00:00April 28, 2021|Children, Featured, Parenting, School|

It can be tough to make sure children get a good night’s sleep, but sufficient sleep can improve learning, health and mood. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy sleep is especially important for children and teens. More than a third of parents say that online [...]

5 02, 2021

Late bedtimes linked with childhood obesity

2021-04-30T17:31:25+00:00February 5, 2021|Children, Featured, Obesity, Parenting|

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the daily routines of many children. When disrupted schedules lead to increasingly later bedtimes, it can affect their sleep and even their weight. A study published in Pediatrics found that young children who routinely stayed up late (after 9 [...]