Sleep Deprivation

3 08, 2020

Losing sleep over late-night reading

2021-05-01T23:30:46+00:00August 3, 2020|Sleep Deprivation|

Feeling sleepy, bookworms? Chances are you’re not alone. A new survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) reveals that a majority (66%) of U.S. adults report losing sleep due to reading “past their bedtime.” Before you crack open your next novel, consider [...]

2 06, 2020

How lack of sleep affects your eyesight

2021-05-10T15:45:59+00:00June 2, 2020|Sleep Apnea, Sleep Deprivation|

It can be easy to spot someone who did not get enough sleep: dark circles, puffy eyes, or drooping eyelids can be signs of a poor night’s rest. However, a lack of sleep affects more than just your appearance. Sleep is fundamental to your [...]

20 11, 2019

Binge-watching is stealing your sleep

2021-04-30T17:45:06+00:00November 20, 2019|Pop Culture, Sleep Deprivation|

The next time you stay up late to indulge in your favorite guilty-pleasure show, keep this in mind: 88% of adults report that they have lost sleep due to binge-watching. According to a survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), U.S. adults [...]

12 11, 2019