Financial Assistance

Patients may experience financial burden due to testing and continued treatment of sleep disorders. To help ease this burden, a list has been compiled with valuable financial assistance resources that may benefit patients with sleep disorders.

National Non-Profit Organizations Offering Assistance

There are many national non-profit organizations offering assistance for individuals with specific disorders or diseases; unfortunately, many of these organizations do not offer assistance for patients suffering from sleep disorders. However, there are a number of organizations that do offer this assistance. Each of the organizations listed below offer programs that may benefit patients with sleep disorders. Please visit each of these resources to determine if you qualify for their programs.

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) offers co-pay and premium assistance programs for patients with narcolepsy.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance connects patients to assistance programs for specific medications, which may include specific sleep medications.

Patient Services, Inc. offers an assistance program for copays, premiums and ancillary services for individuals with circadian rhythm disorders.

Rx Outreach is a nonprofit prescription program offering low-cost medications, including many sleep medications, for individuals who qualify.

Cerner Charitable Foundation provides assistance for children 18 years of age or younger if either the child has no insurance or insurance does not cover a specific expense.

Pharmaceutical Company Programs

Most programs offered by pharmaceutical companies are provided to individuals who meet specific qualifications, which may include but not be limited to diagnosis, prescription and financial need. Sleep Education does not endorse or guarantee these programs in any way. This is a resource list of programs through other organizations or companies only. If you are aware of any additional programs or any changes to the listed programs, please contact [email protected].

Assistance Program Coupon Program Savings Card
Company Medication
 Jazz Pharmaceuticals XYREM X X
Teva Pharmaceuticals NuVigil-AP


GlaxoKlineSmith Requip X
UCB Neupro X
Pernix Therapeutics Silenor X
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Rozerem X
Pfizer Sonata


Boehringer Ingelheim Mirapex X

State Programs

Most states have assistance programs for the elderly or disabled; a few select states have patient prescription assistance programs available to all residents. View a list of state programs.

General Tips

  • Check with your physician to see if there is a generic version of your medication.
  • Prices for medications vary by pharmacy. Compare pharmacy prescription prices in your area to be sure you are paying the lowest price possible.
  • Review your medical policy to ensure you have chosen the best plan for your needs in terms of prescription coverage.
  • Contact your insurance provider to see if they offer a prescription pricing tool as a benefit of membership.
  • For equipment, compare pricing on renting vs. buying equipment.

Other Programs