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August 2020 |  Reviewed by:  Rafael J. Sepulveda, MD and Seema Khosla, MD

What is a sleep team?

There is a sleep team near you that is ready to help with your sleep problems. Led by a board-certified sleep medicine physician, the sleep team is expertly trained to help with the management of any sleep disorder. If you have an ongoing sleep problem or struggle to stay awake during the day, the sleep team can help.

What are accredited sleep centers?

To get help from the sleep team, contact a sleep center that is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). There are more than 2,700 AASM-accredited sleep centers in the U.S. Each of these facilities has a board-certified sleep medicine physician and an expertly trained team of health care professionals. Accredited sleep centers provide the highest quality of care for people who have a sleep problem.

An accredited sleep center is eligible to become a member of the AASM. Membership is another indicator that a sleep center is committed to patient care and safety. When selecting a sleep center, look for this Accredited Facility Member logo:

Who are the sleep team professionals?

The composition of the sleep team may vary between sleep centers. Your sleep team may include a combination of the following health care professionals:

Advanced practice registered nurse/ph