19 06, 2021

Philips PAP device recall: Guidance for patients

2021-06-19T22:57:20+00:00June 19, 2021|CPAP, Featured, Safety|

On June 14, Philips issued a voluntary recall for specific Philips Respironics devices. These include CPAP and BPAP devices to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Most of the recalled devices are first-generation DreamStation products. The newer DreamStation 2 is not affected. Unsafe Foam The [...]

28 04, 2021

How technology is helping – and hurting – your sleep

2021-04-29T18:56:57+00:00April 28, 2021|Featured, Technology|

Bedrooms are getting smarter than ever before with the introduction of technology that promises a better night’s sleep. From everyday gadgets like apps and wearable trackers to high-tech innovations like smart mattresses and headbands that claim to measure brain activity, new products promise to [...]

28 04, 2021

Healthy sleep is vital to children’s well-being

2021-04-29T18:58:25+00:00April 28, 2021|Children, Featured, Parenting, School|

It can be tough to make sure children get a good night’s sleep, but sufficient sleep can improve learning, health and mood. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy sleep is especially important for children and teens. More than a third of parents say that online [...]

5 02, 2021