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Beds/Mattresses/Pillows/Massage Chairs

Instant Comfort® Sleep Lab Bed


Instant Comfort® 6 and 8 Series sleep lab beds provide a unique advancement for sleep centers by pairing consumer-grade features with medical-grade components.

Our sleep lab beds are air-adjustable number beds with 45 levels of soft/firm comfort settings. The memory foam layer absorbs and dissipates heat by utilizing ThermaPhase Gel™, providing an ideal temperature all night long. Combine with our power base for head and foot angle adjustments, optimal patient comfort, and better sleep.

Instant Comfort sleep lab beds offer advanced medical-grade features as well: a durable, wipe-down top cover is easy to clean and disinfect for improved infection control. No more quilted top covers that absorb fluids, odors, and colors. Durable components allow for a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. to accommodate bariatric patients. These components can be upgraded or replaced by Sizewise technicians. If one part wears out—it can be repaired without the purchase of an entirely new system.

Consumer Sleep Technology


Cambridge Sound Management
781-216-8015 nightingale-300

Nightingale is the first smart home sleep system designed to mask common indoor and outdoor noises for a better night’s sleep. In a clinical sleep study by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Nightingale helped participants fall asleep 38% faster than when they tried to fall asleep without Nightingale. Nightingale immerses a room in ambient sound via perfectly optimized sound blankets. With two micro audio speakers in each unit, Nightingale’s patented sound masking technology masks common indoor and outdoor noises, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Nightingale can account for room acoustics, and sleep conditions like tinnitus or snoring in an adjacent room. The Nightingale sleep system is controlled via the Nightingale Sound app for iOS or Android, Bluetooth or a web browser via Through the mobile app and Wi-Fi connection, Nightingale features custom scheduling for sound blankets, nature sounds, or LED lights. The elegantly styled Nightingale devices plug into a standard wall outlet and have pass through plug sockets that allow for standard wall plug use. Each device includes a fully adjustable LED light for comfort.

Home Sleep Apnea Test Devices/Services


Lofta was built on the simple idea that living with sleep apnea can be difficult, treating it shouldn’t be. The Home Sleep Test by Lofta is the first step towards effectively treating sleep apnea.

The home sleep test experience follows 4 simple steps:

  1. Lofta ships single-use device to your home
  2. A Lofta Sleep Coach is available to help set up device as needed
  3. Testing device syncs with your smartphone, then you dispose of the device
  4. Results interpreted by Board Certified Sleep Physician before being sent to you with Rx if appropriate.

Lofta’s Home Sleep Test was designed to help clients who may be suffering from sleep apnea to understand their condition, be diagnosed, and begin their path towards better sleep without having to navigate a maze of insurance and sleep clinics.

Medical Supplies/Accessories

remedē System


The remedē System is a proven, implantable sleep therapy specifically designed for treating moderate to severe CSA in adult patients.  remedē works in a way that closely resembles natural physiology, restoring a natural breathing pattern by using the body’s own breathing system.

The remedē system differs from existing CSA therapies because it:

  • Restores a natural breathing pattern by using the body’s own breathing system
  • Tailors therapy to each patient through customized programming
  • Relieves patient compliance concerns by automatically delivering therapy each night
  • Eliminates external equipment using a mask-free, implantable device

remedē has demonstrated consistent and sustained long-term safety and effectiveness benefits, including a 96% reduction in the median CAI from baseline to 24 months. 95% patients reported they would “elect to have the procedure again”

See for safety information.  As with any surgically implanted devices, these risks may include pain, swelling, and infection.  

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Oral Appliances


Glidewell Laboratories

The aveoTSD® is a simple, effective, noninvasive anti-snoring device available by prescription from your dentist or medical doctor. Made of soft, medical-grade silicone, aveoTSD is indicated for anyone — even those with TMJ issues or the edentulous.

Commonly, snoring occurs when orofacial muscles relax during sleep, allowing the tongue to fall back into the throat. Traditional mandibular advancement devices relieve the obstructed airway by moving the entire mandible forward.

Conversely, aveoTSD gently suctions to the tongue directly to hold it in place. With no impressions, adjustments, or moving parts, aveoTSD provides an easy solution for the treatment of problem snoring.

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