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Sleeping well in the age of stress

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By Bridget Cassidy  |  Nov 09, 2018
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Dr Rohit Budhiraja

We wanted to find out more about the world of sleep and how it regenerates our bodies, as well as the common causes of sleep deprivation and available treatment options. So we spoke to a leading expert in the field of sleep medicine.

Dr. Rohit Budhiraja is an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, the director of Brigham and Women's Hospital's sleep clinic, and a faculty member in Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders and Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in Boston, MA.

Budhiraja’s main field of study is sleep apnea and other sleep-related
breathing disorders. However, he was able to go over everything from
how sleep helps regenerate the body and mind. He also explained how
temperature, light, and calming (what he calls TLC) is so important to get
a good night’s sleep. “On average, most people need seven or eight hours
of sleep,” says Budhiraja.

Dr Rohit Budhiraja 2

Let us share what we learned with you, starting with the basics.

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  1. 1 Diana Jensen 08 Jan
    Thank you so much! I'm 61 years old and finally found out what was wrong with me!!