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Coronavirus FAQs: CPAP tips for sleep apnea patients

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Lynn Celmer  |  Mar 18, 2020
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Covid 19

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Public Safety Committee is responding to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Read questions submitted by patients who have obstructive sleep apnea.

The AASM encourages you to follow the CDC tips on how to prepare for the coronavirus. The information linked above is for educational use only. The AASM is unable to provide specific medical advice. You should discuss your health and medical condition with a local medical provider. You also can request a telemedicine appointment with a health care provider who is licensed in your state.

Much of the information about COVID-19 that is needed to answer patient questions and guide clinical decision-making is still emerging. We will update the webpage linked above in response to new questions and information.

Please post your sleep-related questions about COVID-19 in the comment section below.


  1. 1 Charles 12 Jun
    I have RBD. Am I health compromised and an “at risk individual” for Coronavirus and Covid-19.
  2. 2 American Academy of Sleep Medicine 15 May
    Hi Carla, thanks for your comment. The AASM is unable to provide a medical diagnosis. We recommend you speak with a physician regarding this question.
  3. 3 Carla 14 May
    I have sleep apnea and use an APAP machine. My employer wants to know if I’m in the high risk or immune compromised category relative to COVID-19. Can you answer please? 
  4. 4 Kathleen Brady 04 May
    How much do we know about the risk to other members of the household when someone uses a Bipap machine, even if in a separate room? Should we seal the door with plastic ? Make sure he showers when coming out ? Talk with infectious disease?
  5. 5 Michelle 19 Apr
    I have sleep apnea and asthma im overweight and fo have high blood pressure which is controlled by tablets . Am i in the increased or high risk group please thank you.
  6. 6 Holly 02 Apr
    My husband has sleep apnea and is in a job to support construction workers that has been labeled essential . Would he be considered high risk . I do not feel comfortable with him having to go to work and not follow the stay at home order in Wisconsin and potentially being a carrier that can pass it to me( age 65)Any suggestions how to address this 
  7. 7 Sophie Ogden 29 Mar
    Are people with enlarged heart and severe sleep apnea high blood pressure mclassed as high risk patients thanks very much 
  8. 8 David Mills 28 Mar
    Can you confirm if I am high, medium or low risk when suffering from sleep Anna as I have been asked by my employer.
  9. 9 American Academy of Sleep Medicine 27 Mar
    Nasreen, you may find this of interest – ResMed’s website includes FAQs about their devices, including continued use of CPAP machines amid the COVID-19 outbreak, disinfecting machines, and more.
  10. 10 Nasreen Mian 27 Mar
    I have been using CPP machine Res med with full face mask.Shold I continue during cold or corona virus symptoms and if it is positive.How can I disinfect all the parts of the machine after every use.Very worried please answer.j
  11. 11 American Academy of Sleep Medicine 25 Mar
    Thank you for all of the insightful questions and comments. We're gathering responses from one of our sleep physicians and will share them here soon.
  12. 12 Kathy 25 Mar
    I use a C-PAP machine  with a nasal mask. I keep my humidity level between 70%-80%. If I am carrying the virus, but have no symptoms, could using the C-PAP increase my  risk, by carrying the virus to the lungs?
  13. 13 Kimberly Fountain 24 Mar
    Is thier a addon to protect use while using the CPAP machine
  14. 14 Isabel 24 Mar
    13 month old baby with slightly enlarged tonsils,causing sleep apnea and severe symptoms with colds/ virals. I have read that generally speaking children are not at high risk, but I wondered if that changes at all for children with sleep apnea? 
  15. 15 Yvonne Chuck 22 Mar
    Am I at risk of the coronavirus if I have sleep apnea and use a cpap machine I work with children and the elderly
  16. 16 Philippa 22 Mar
    11.5 month old baby with enlarged tonsils,causing sleep apnea and severe symptoms with colds/ virals. I am worried my son will struggle if he comes into contact with this.
  17. 17 Roy Santosham 21 Mar
    Is Covid 19 mortality more in sleep apnoea?
  18. 18 Lola 20 Mar
    Are people with sleep apnea, health compromised, fall into the category of “at risk individuals” when it concerns Coronavirus?
  19. 19 American Academy of Sleep Medicine 19 Mar
    Remaster, the AASM has a list of FAQs for sleep clinicians here: COVID-19: FAQs for Sleep Clinicians.
  20. 20 Remaster 18 Mar
    Should sleep labs be open during crisis?