A noted branding and creativity strategist, Robin Landa has written more than a dozen books about graphic design and advertising. Her latest work, the children’s picture book The Dream Box, ventures into new territory. Yet she found the inspiration for her story right at home.

“When my daughter, Hayley, was about 3 years old, she had a few nightmares,” explained Landa. “I remembered she had a toy fishing-tackle box with a lid. I presented this toy to Hayley as the Dream Box.”

Landa gave her daughter some simple instructions. First, speak her nightmares into the box. Then close the lid. Finally, order her bad dreams to stay there.

“After using the Dream Box several times, Hayley was no longer plagued by nightmares, and we all got some sleep,” Landa said.

Landa realized that this simple technique could help others too. So she decided to write a “problem-solving story disguised as a picture book.” The Dream Box was born.

The Kindle e-book focuses on Alex, a young bird with some crazy dreams. Ninja frogs. Triple-eyed toads. Giant pancakes. He’s practically scared out of his feathers.

Alex decides he has only one way to fight back: He’s never going to sleep again. It’s a tough t