How do children get to dreamland? It’s an intriguing question for curious little minds.

Thankfully, Emily Winfield Martin has the answer in her debut picture book, Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey.

In delicate rhyme she describes “animals from long ago and twice as far away.” These gentle creatures make their home in the stars until children close their eyes and “snuggle in” to bed. Then the animals drift down to earth and carry children to their dreams.

Lush illustrations bring these dream animals to life: bear, tiger, red fox, moth and robin. Each carries a child safely to his or her magical dream.

The book is filled with Winfield Martin’s whimsical artistry. In its pages children will enter a world of fun, dreamy landscapes where elves, mermaids and carnivals abound.

Does your child resist going to bed? A bedtime reading of Dream Animals might be the cure. The book will delight children and spark their imagination. Best of all, it will give them a reason to look forward to falling asleep.

What animal will carry your child to dreamland tonight?